Travel to India – Episode 317

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The Amateur Traveler talks to David Grenewetzki about his first trip to India. His itinerary covered Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Delhi and then ended at the Indian wedding of friends.

David and his wife started in Mumbai where they saw sites like the arch of India and Elephanta Caves. Near Bangalore, they made a side trip to see the Jain pilgrimage site of Shravanabelagola and the palace of Tipu Sultan at Mysore. In Udaipur, they splurged and stayed in both the City Palace and the Lake Palace Hotels.

“As we walked into the hotel there was a guy on the roof sprinkling rose pedals on us and I would have to say that is probably the first and last time that has happened to me.”

David and his wife also went to a cooking school in Udaipur to learn to cook local dishes. In Jaipur (the pink city) they saw the Red Fort and snake charmers. They also visited Ranthambore National Park where there are still Tigers running wild for a 2-day jeep safari. In Delhi, they helped feed the poor at the Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Sikh Temple and visited the Hari Krishna Lotus Temple and the Jama Masjid Mosque. They ended their trip at a large Indian wedding.

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Show Notes

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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3 Responses to “Travel to India – Episode 317”

Sam Oppenheim


What an excellent episode – I concur with all of David’s comments – save one.
The “Lotus Temple” in Delhi is Bahai – not Hare Krishna- but there is a fun large Hare Krishna temple nearby and you can combine visits to both.

If you have time don’t miss the site David visited with his neighbors – Sravanabelagola is indeed an awesome deity carved in the round atop 600 something stairs! India has so many facets of culture to enjoy if you just get off the beaten path!

julie m


Excellent podcast! I loved it and am exciting about going to India this coming winter.
I was hoping that I could ask Mr. Grenewetzki about how he found a driver for the trip.
Thank you and I appreciate your podcast…!



Bangalore also has many attractions worth visiting.Nice podcast and good trip. Next time do add Banerghatta NAtional Park, Cubbon park, LAlbagh and lots of pubs and eateries to your list and enjoy the visit to India specially Bangalore. CHeers

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