Travel to Jordan – Episode 423

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Hear about travel to Jordan as the Amateur Traveler himself, Chris Christensen, relates stories about his recent visit to the country.

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When I was contacted by the Tourism Board asking if I wanted to go to Jordan I jumped at the chance. Petra was quite literally on my bucket list. I knew I wanted to visit Petra and I had also heard that I would love Amman. After that I said just take me where you want. I was having a great time in the country for days before I got to either Petra or Amman. I hiked up a river in a slot canyon, floated in the dead sea, had bedouin tea and bread at a makeshift camp by 10,000 year old ruins, explored a crusader castle, explored a castle meant to help kick out the crusaders, saw Byzantine ruins, Greek Ruins and extensive Roman ruins, and slept in a desert camp. Petra and Amman were very nice too.

In fact, Petra was much more that I expected. I was surprised at the size of the complex and did not have enough time to explore it all because of a busy schedule. I am disappointed with tourists who travel all the way to Jordan, walk to the ‘Treasury’ in Petra and then turn around and head back to the hotel. There is so much more to see.

Amman is a wonderful city that I enjoyed exploring on foot. Add good food, some great ruins, a couple interesting history museums as well as a charming museum on the former King’s car collection and I would like to go back and spend some more time there.

Jerash was probably the biggest surprise from my trip. I am not sure why I have not heard more about it. It has Roman ruins that seemed to be more extensive than any I have seen outside of Italy. I had unseasonably mild weather in late May and visited these sites without the crowds of tourists that would have been there in the high season of March and April.

Jordan is a wonderfully warm, welcoming country that is worth exploring.

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Show Notes

Al Kazneh (The Treasury)
The Monastery
The Royal Automobile Museum
Dead Sea
Wadi Mujib
Ma’In Hot Springs
Montreal Castle
Ajlun Castle
The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ
Wadi Rum
Jordan Pictures
Jordan Travel – More Than Just Petra
My Day as Papal Paparazzi
Family Friendly 7 Day Jordan Itinerary

Hotels where I stayed:

Crowne Plaza, Dead Sea
Captains Desert Camp, Wadi Rum
Marriott Petra Hotel
Grand Hyatt Amman
Evason Ma’In Hot Springs
Feynan Ecolodge


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