Travel to the Island of Kauai – Episode 518

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Travel to the Island of Kauai - What to see, do and eat... and what to skip


Hear about travel to the Island of Kauai as the Amateur Traveler talks to Betsy and Pete Wuebker from about the Garden Island.

Betsy and Pete came as visitors and fell in love with the island. They went back to Minnesota, sold everything they had and moved to Kauai for about 2 years.

Betsy says, “Kauai is unique, we think, among the main Hawaiian Islands each island will have its own personality and Kauai’s really resonated with us for a number of reasons. The first of which is it’s rural. It’s Garden Island green, an intense vivid green. There are not too many people who live here by comparison with the other islands and there are fewer visitors that come to Kauai. That sort of atmosphere, a little more relaxed, a bit less frantic, less touristy, appealed to us.”

We talk about some of the big sites of the island like the spectacular Waimea Canyon State Park and the Napali coast. You can hike the rugged trail of the Napali coast or get a view from the Kalalau Overlook or one of the many boat expeditions. If you think it looks like Jurassic Park or that Kauai looks like Bali Hai from South Pacific you would not be wrong as the island has been the backdrop for a number of movies.

Betsy and Pete (and Chris) highly recommend a helicopter ride to see Waipoo falls, the Napoli Coast, and the ancient volcano of Mount Waialeale. You can save some money by taking the helicopter from the north coast. The north coast of the island is the wetter / greener side of the island. Many tourists just hit Poipu Beach in the southern / sunnier part of the island and are missing much.

Recently the Wuebkers went tubing through the irrigation canals from the old sugar cane plantations and wondered why they had not done that sooner.

We talk about our favorite beaches for snorkeling including Tunnels, Anini and Ke’e Beach as well as my favorite for bodysurfing which is Anahola.

They guide us to some smaller and less touristy luaus and unlikely places: Mediterranean Gourmet and Mario Courtyard in Kapaa.

If you have not seen Kauai then you may not really understand relaxation, beauty and the color green.

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Show Notes
Kauai Official Site
Hanalei, Hawaii
Waimea Canyon State Park
Tours of Kauai
Kalalau Trail (along the Napali Coast)
Captain James Cook
Russian Fort Elizabeth
Secret Beach
Whalers General Store Anahola
Limahuli Garden and Preserve
Kalua (pork)
Kauai, Hawaii – Episode 57



I am a truck driver, so my desire to travel may be diminished a bit. I used to be an accountant, got burnt out, and now drive and listen to podcasts. I live near Orlando, so there is a bit to do here. But, my bucket list would include Disneyland and Italy, which your show has done an excellent job of covering. I used to listen to Rudy Maxa, before his show left Itunes. He used to say his show was for those who traveled and for those who traveled in their minds. I enjoy learning about many things including travel. Your show exposes many parts of the world. Few have gotten rich off of their podcast, but I know many do it just for their passion. Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern are excellent at tv travel. Chris Christensen is one of the best at audio. Kudos to you.


Travel to the Island of Kauai - What to see, do and eat... and what to skip

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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awesome read you definitely took me there with this one and it sounds like a lovely location to visit



I’m planning to book a ticket to Kauai and bump into your article for research. I can say that I am very much excited about my trip there!

Deb at headout


Stumbled on your blog while researching for some activities in Kauai. And what a surprise! I love listening to your podcasts Chris. Thanks for this post, loved the offbeat suggestions.



thanks Deb! Glad you are enjoying them.

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