Travel to Lazio, Italy – Episode 427

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Hear about travel to Lazio, Italy as the Amateur Traveler talks to Nancy Parode from and about one of her favorite regions in Italy.

Lazio is the region of Italy that includes Rome but this episode will feature all the things outside of Rome.

“It doesn’t really matter what your interest is, there is something for you in Lazio. If you love ancient Roman history and sites you can see Hadrian’s Villa. You can go go see the ruins of the ancient city of Ostia near the beach. You can see Etruscan tombs but you can also see medieval places and renaissance villas, beautiful gardens and of course some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.”

For beaches Nancy recommends the beaches in Gaeta in the southern part of Lazio. At one beach called San Agostino they have a surfing contest every year. “The Serapo Beach is in this beautiful cove. It’s just stunning. The water is very blue. On one end of the beach is Monte Orlando which is a regional park and it has a famous monastery.”

If you are home-based in Rome or near Rome Nancy recommends trips to Hadrian’s Villa and to the old Roman port of Ostia Antica which is an outstanding archeological site.

“When we went to Rome the last time we stayed in Frascati which is a small hill town outside of Rome. It has hourly train connections to Rome. We found a hotel there that had free secure parking and when we wanted to explore the countryside we hopped in our car and drove away, but we were also able to take the train to Rome every day that we wanted to.”

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Show Notes

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