Travel to Lebanon – Episode 273

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Sherry Ott again about a very recent trip to Lebanon. Sherry traveled to Lebanon as part of a program with a cultural exchange program with Geovisions which involved in a homestay.

She stayed for much of her visit in Beirut which at least used to be known as the “Paris of the Middle East”. Since that time Lebanon and Beirut, in particular, has come through a horrific civil war as well as a war with Israel.

Now that peace has come again to the country Sherry could still see the scars from the prolonged conflict but also could enjoy the recovering city, the nightlife, shopping, and food in Beirut.

In March in Lebanon, you can ski in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoon. She also had a chance to visit the historic city of Tripoli where the traditional souk and the ancient city of Sidon (Saida) are over 6000 years old.

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Show Notes

Sherry Ott
Conversation Corps
Volunteer Abroad Programs
Walk Beirut
National Museum of Beirut
Lebanon Mountain Trail
Briefcase to Backpack
Meet Plan Go
Mongol Rally


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