Travel to Mazatlan, Mexico – Episode 412

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Hear about travel to Mazatlan, Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks again to Craig Zabransky about this Mexico seaport.

“Mazatlan is on the west coast [of Mexico], A lot of people know the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos. If you take Las Cabos and draw a line to the mainland of Mexico you are pretty much right in Mazatlan. It is the same latitude as Hawaii so you can expect the same type of weather as you would see in Hawaii”.

The main reason to go to Mazatlan is for a beach holiday. “It has a great value compared to a lot of the other destinations that are very popular in Mexico like Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. It is a mid-sized city, the second-largest on the Pacific coast. The main industry is not tourism. It’s a kind of under the radar type place that offers a lot of chances to mill with the locals and see how Mexico is vs how Mexico tourism resorts are.”

The Love Boat used to go to Mazatlan but fewer Americans travel to Mazatlan these days. The basic Mazatlan vacation needs to include time for “seafood, sun, and surf”, but Craig also describes some excursions from the city where you can find Spanish colonial towns or a beach with petroglyphs.

Mazatlan has 4 main areas; Neuvo Mazatlan (New Mazatlan), The Golden Zone which has the main beaches and hotels on the water and then Malecon sea-side walk/ride and Old Town which dates back to the 1880s. Its main plaza, Plaza Machado is filled with cafes and spending an evening with dinner and music. The Golden Zone is where Hollywood stars like John Wayne stayed. Mazatlan has been influenced by German immigrants dating back to a gold rush in the 1880s. They influenced the music as well as the local beer Pacifico. Mazatlan also has one of the larger Carnivals in the world.

When Craig talks about how fresh the seafood tells us “we order Oysters one time and they took a tube, swam out, found the Oysters on the bottom, brought them back and shucked them for us.”

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Ernie Lane


What is his website? You were chuckling when he gave it, and I couldn’t get it.

Lena James


oh no, he didn’t – say “the Mexicans actually beat the French – the only time”. (excuse quotes around words that might not be exact). surely you’ve heard of the battle remembered as
Cinco de Mayo.



As I recall, he was referring to the only time the navy beat the French.

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