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Hear about travel to Montana as the Amateur Traveler talks to Donna Hull from

Donna and her husband visited Montana in 2001 as part of a National Park tour and fell in love with the Big Sky state. Finally, in 2010 they moved to the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, the so-called “banana belt” of Montana. They had planned to live there only in the Summer but did not want to leave when the end of Summer came.

The Bitterroot Valley where Donna lives is on the western border of the state. The crest of the Bitterroot Mountains which she can see out her windows is in Idaho. Montana is the 4th largest state in the United States but only has a million residents.

Donna says, “You should come to Montana for the Scenery. It is just absolutely outstanding. And of course, along with the scenery, there are a lot of outdoor activities to participate in, wildlife watching. But beyond that, there is the western heritage that’s here including Lewis and Clark and then just some great off the beaten path travel experiences.”

For an itinerary to see Montana Donna recommends starting with Glacier National Park, shop for cowboy boots in Kalispell, see the ski area at Whitefish also book ahead to stay in Many Glacier. Missoula is a great gateway to Glacier and also has the second-largest craft brewery industry in the USA.

If you come in winter besides downhill skiing you can enjoy cross country skiing, snowshoe, take a snowmobile excursion, and even dog sled. Donna recommends the Lolo Pass area on the Idaho border or Whitefish.

If you had to pick a single day of the year to visit Montana Donna recommends the Western Heritage Days at Stevensville which has, among other things, a chuckwagon cook-off. Stevensville was the first developed community in Montana.

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Show Notes

My Itchy Travel Feet
Bitterroot Valley
Hostory of St Mary’s Mission, Stevensville
Glacier National Park
Many Glacier
Lolo Pass
Western Heritage Days, Stevensville
Road Scholar


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4 Responses to “Travel to Western Montana – Episode 407”

Rod Austin


Completely agree with Donna here–you come to Montana for the scenery … and outdoor sports!

Donna Hull


Thanks, Rod. It’s going to take a lifetime for me to experience all of the gorgeous MT scenery. And I’m learning a few new sports as well—boomer appropriate of course :-).

Bonnie Taylor


When going to Glacier via Kalispell, Donna did not mention Flathead Lake. It is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. There are many activities in summer and winter including, sailing, boating, jet skiing and in the winter there is ice fishing. You can rent houses on the lake. There is also an island called Wild Horse Island which is home to a herd of wild horses and big horn sheep. Close to Flathead Lake is Hungry Horse which is the epicenter of huckleberry picking. Huckleberries are only found in the wild.



I must admit, I had not heard of Flathead Lake either. Thanks!

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