Travel to Montenegro – Episode 232

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The Amateur Traveler talks to photographer Ralph Velasco about a trip to the very new country of Montenegro.

When Ralph visited the country it was the newest country on the planet after it split off of Serbia. This mountainous country boasts the southernmost fjords in Europe, old walled Venetian towns, fortresses, island churches, hikes, rafting, and some wonderful photography. Ralph stayed on the coast and visited the coastal cities of Kotor, Budva and Perast among others.

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Show Notes
Palazzo Radomiri

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by Chris Christensen

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Montenegro it is, indeed, the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in so many ways… there is no other place where you can find so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers and gorgeous mountains…



My wife and I just returned from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo and Mostar), which is next to Croatia. We were also in Croatia/Montenegro 1 1/2 years ago.
I cannot disagree with you on the beauty of Montenegro and Croatia. However, I do disagree with you on the car rental. I found a very reasonable rate on the car rental in Dubrovnik and found the beauty of these countries can be more fully discovered by car. There is a pulloff giving great views of Dubrovnik just as you are driving south of Dubrovnik.There are many small towns in both countries that you have to have a car to reach. As for parking, I had no trouble. Traffic was light and travel by car excellent. There is accommodation everywhere and reasonable. There are also many island attractions with very reasonable rates on ferries that we took advantage of.
For me a car was indispensable, fun, and gave the freedom to stop, stay, and explorer wherever we wanted.
By the way, just north of Croatia is Slovenia. Ljubljana, the capitol, is a very nice small walkable city and Slovenia was the first country to break away from Serbia. We traveled there last year by train from Zagreb. You can even do a day-trip, if you wanted, by train to or from Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia..
My opinion,

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