Travel to Namibia – Episode 243

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Carla, Jason, and Janie about their trip to Nambia.

While traveling in southern African to attend some of the games of the World Cup the three made a visit to nearby Namibia after hearing from friends that it was one of their favorite African countries. Come with us as we learn about a country that is perhaps surprisingly prepared for tourists. We will talk about seeing 4 out of the “big 5” safari animals.

Our trio talks about miles of sand, sand storms, and riding camels but also talks about visiting the show and seal colonies. The camping was easier than expected and the food was more diverse (you won’t believe what they found on pizza).

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5 Responses to “Travel to Namibia – Episode 243”

Mark Olwick


The MP3 link just takes you back to the same page. The embedded link just says “buffering” forever. I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for it to buffer on a high speed 1.5 MBS connection.



Mark, sorry about that. I have fixed the problem.



Chris, I really enjoyed the group interview. It was a nice change of pace and very engaging.

Paul Hurwitz


Hi Chris,
I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Jason talk about going on the camels. I’ve ridden camels in Israel and I remember them always telling guys to make sure to push hard against the front of the seat because when the camel gets up hind first you slide forward.
It brought back funny memories.



Very interesting! Thank you Chris and guests! I wanna visit Namibia!

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