Travel to North Dakota – Episode 523

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Travel to North Dakota - What to do, see and eat in this least visited but beautiful state.


Hear about travel to North Dakota as the Amateur Traveler talks to resident Derrick Schiff about this often ignored state.

We will learn why, when you set out to see all 50 states, you should not save North Dakota for last… even though they have a t-shirt that says that.

We explore the Native American culture at places like the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum, The Onaslant Indian Village Of The Mandan At Fort Abraham Lincoln, Knife River Villages NHP, United Tribes International Powwow and even an Indian Casino.

We explore the Cowboy culture in the badlands in the western part of North Dakota through the Maah Daah Hey Trail, the Medora Musical and livestock auctions.

We explore the German and Scandinavian culture through festivals like German Days and the Scandinavian Hostfest, the Scandinavian Heritage Park, some würst and knoephla soup.

One part of the state is badlands and the other is so flat “you can watch your dog runaway all night”. It is the least visited state in the United States, but Derrick makes the case of why “you should not save the best for last”.

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Show Notes

North Dakota
Fargo, North Dakota
German Days in Bismarck
North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum
North Dakota State Capitol Tours
Otto von Bismarck
Northern pike
Lake Sakakawea State Park
Water Wars: The lost towns of Lake Sakakawea
Wally Walleye
World’s Largest Sandhill Crane
W’eel Turtle Made From Wheel Rims
Enchanted Highway
Prairie Knights Casino and Resort (Bismark)
Prairie Knights Casino and Resort (reviews)
The Onaslant Indian Village Of The Mandan At Fort Abraham Lincoln
Knife River Villages NHP
Fort Lincoln Trolley
Rolling Hills Restaurant (truck stop) (reviews)
Knoephla Soup Recipe
Double R Meats
Maah Daah Hey Trail
Medora Musical
North Dakota National Parks
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Little Missouri National Grassland
Little Missouri National Grassland
Caves of North Dakota
Bakken Formation (Oil Fields)
Scandinavian Heritage Park (Minot)
Norse Hostfest (Minot)
Rugby, North Dakota (center of North America)
International Peace Garden
Hotel Donaldson in Fargo (HoDo)
Hotel Donaldson (reviews)
Plains Art Museum (Fargo)
Mandan Independence Day Parade
Indian Taco Recipe
Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
Grand Forks Downtown
United Tribes International Powwow
Mandan Rodeo Days
Würst Bier Hall (Fargo)
Würst Bier Hall (reviews)
Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway
Lewis and Clark Riverboat (Bismark)
Polka Fest
Assumption Abbey
Church of St. Joseph (Mandan)

Travel to North Dakota - What to do, see and eat in this least visited but beautiful state.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

2 Responses to “Travel to North Dakota – Episode 523”

Mark Carrara


while the Polka may be dying in North Dakota it was alive and well in Wisconsin (at least a few years ago when I left). You can find small local bands playing bars and festivals all over the state. Not just for the old folks, even teenagers can be seen on the dance floor.

BTW Indian Tacos did not originate with the plains Indians. As the name implies it is Hispanic in origin. It drives from the Navajo fry bread and mutton combined with the Mexican’s love of beans. Lettuce and tomatoes are recent additions



Cindy wrote: “Chris, just thought I’d give you a few more reasons to visit ND (and return to MN too, of course). While the Plains Art Museum isn’t the Louvre, you’ll leave the Plains Musuem understanding Fargo a little better. The Louvre is great, but it doesn’t really help you understand Paris. The Plains Art Museum does some lovely shows. Also, since you seem to like stav churches, you should know that there is a a full-size replica of one in Moorhead. Ok, it’s not ND, but the church is by the river so you can see it from ND – and if you cross the river into MN you can tour it, as well as a homemade Viking ship a college friend sailed to Norway in one summer many years ago.”

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