Travel to Northern Queensland, Australia – Episode 311

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Dave Kerwin about his recent trip to Northern Queensland.

Dave recommends 2 main stops on your trip: the Atherton Tablelands, Daintree National Park, and the Great Barrier Reef. All three areas Dave recommends because of the wildlife, in some cases wildlife so strange. like the platypus, that people didn’t believe the original explorer’s tales.

Dave also saw saltwater crocodiles, rock wallabies, tree kangaroos, and cassowaries.

Throw in some amazing plans like the strangler fig and the cycad and then the Great Barrier reef and this is a great destination for lovers of nature.

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Show Notes

North Queensland
The Daintree Rainforest Tourism Website
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Atherton Tableland
Great Barrier Reef
Morelia amethistina
Lake Tinaroo
Strangler fig
Daintree Rainforest
Granite Gorge
Mareeba Tropical Savanna and Wetland Reserve
Daintree Village
Saltwater crocodile
Dan Irby’s Mangrove Adventures
Cape Tribulation, Queensland
Port Douglas Australia Snorkeling, Scuba – Aristocat Port Douglas
Box jellyfish
Minke whale
Alan’s Wildlife Tours
Mossman Gorge, Queensland


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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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Some thoughts on this episode:

You talked about saltwater crocodiles, but there’re also freshwater crocodiles, and those are harmless (to humans at least)

Your guest and you briefly touched on unsealed (unpaved) roads. This is very important! I believe for all non-4wd car rental the fine print won’t cover you for any damage caused by driving on unsealed roads! And in the Northern Territory you can’t drive when it’s dark (or at least I couldn’t on my rentals, your mileage may vary)

On driving on the other side of the road: there’re signs which say “drive on the left in Australia”. I found them quite amusing. I’ve the opposite problem in Europe. It helps if someone is shouting at you if you keep to the wrong side. Failing which just keep repeating to yourself: “keep right, keep right, keep right…”

Lastly I was around Darwin last August and the parts of the Northern Territory near the sea also have crocodile warnings everywhere – so it’s not just Queensland!

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