Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Episode 174

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Oaxaca Mexico

The Amateur Traveler talks to Sarah Menkedick about her adopted home town of Oaxaca Mexico.

Sarah talks about her love for this sunny tropical city with both colonial and pre-columbian roots. Oaxaca has recovered from its political troubles but tourism is still down so this may be the perfect time to explore its markets, sample its food, marvel at its ruins, and relax in its public square. Sarah’s top three reasons to come to Oaxaca are all food: mescal, mole and chile.

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Amateur Traveler Episode 174 transcript

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Show Notes

Sarah’s blog about Mexico – Huevos a la Mexicana
Jorge Luis Santiago’s photography – Sarah’s boyfriend
Oaxaca Mexico
Posada Don Mario
Oaxaca City’s Cantinas and Pubs
Restaurant Los Pacos – famous for molé
Las Mariposas hotel
Oaxaca Map

Internet Resources

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Tim Patterson


O hua ka, so that’s how you pronounce it.

Great interview, really enjoyed this.



Make sure you listen to the whole thing as I started the episode pronouncing it wrong. 🙂

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Lydia y Víctor


Hello! We are Lydia and Victor the authors of (also nominated by Lonely Planet in the Best Spanish language blog cattegory). We would like to congratulate you for your blog and congratulate you on your nomination and wish you all the best.

Kind regards

Lydia and Victor



Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico – Amateur Traveler Episode 174 Transcript | Amateur Traveler Travel Blog


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