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Travel to Oklahoma (Podcast) highlighting its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse attractions through a detailed one-week itinerary centered around Tulsa.

Hear about travel to Oklahoma as the Amateur Traveler talks to Caitlin from about her home state and its history, culture, and scenic beauty.

Why should you go to Oklahoma?

Caitlin says, “People should visit Oklahoma because it has a unique history and it has a lot of natural beauty. I think it’s surprising and unexpected to a lot of people. It has a complicated history in many ways. We’ll get into that. But it has seen a lot of revitalization and improvement over the years. There’s really been an increase of top-notch museums, and outdoor spaces, and there’s really just something for everybody to enjoy here.”

Caitlin’s one-week itinerary for exploring Oklahoma, particularly centered around Tulsa, includes a variety of cultural, historical, and outdoor activities. Here’s a breakdown of the itinerary she recommends:

Day 1: Downtown Tulsa

  • Start with breakfast at Dilly Diner.
  • Visit the Center of the Universe, an acoustic anomaly.
  • Explore the Woody Guthrie Center, dedicated to the famous musician.
  • Check out the Bob Dylan Center, showcasing Dylan’s life and work.
  • Tour the Church Studio, known for its musical history.
  • Learn about the history of the Greenwood District, including a visit to the Greenwood Rising Museum.
  • Dinner at Fixin’s Soul Kitchen.

Day 2: Tulsa’s Parks and Gardens

  • Visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden.
  • Lunch at Mondo’s with Italian cuisine.
  • Spend the afternoon at the Philbrook Museum to enjoy art and beautiful gardens.
  • Explore the Gathering Place, a large, free public park.
  • Dinner at Nola’s Creole and Cocktail.

Day 3: Outdoor Activities

  • A flexible day for visiting places like Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Keystone Ancient Forest for a nature walk.
  • Visit the Outsiders House Museum and the Golden Driller statue.
  • Explore Route 66 attractions like Mother Road Market.

Day 4: Day Trip to Bartlesville and Pawhuska

  • Visit the Price Tower Arts Center and the Frank Phillips home in Bartlesville.
  • Explore Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve.
  • Travel to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.
  • End the day in Pawhuska, exploring The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile and other local attractions.

Day 5: Claremore

  • Start with breakfast at Hugo’s.
  • Visit the Will Rogers Memorial Museum.
  • Explore J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum.
  • Lunch at The Pink House, located in the historic Belvedere Mansion.
  • Spend the afternoon exploring downtown Claremore’s shops and historical sites.

Day 6: Tahlequah

  • Visit cultural sites related to the Cherokee Nation, including the Cherokee National History Museum, the Cherokee National Prison Museum, and the Supreme Court Museum.
  • If visiting during Labor Day weekend, participate in the Cherokee National Holiday.

Day 7: Oklahoma City

  • Visit the First Americans Museum to learn about Native American history.
  • Check out Plaza Walls for street art.
  • Explore the Museum of Osteology.
  • Try whitewater rafting or indoor skiing at River Sports OKC.
  • Visit the Blessed Stanley Rother Shrine.

This itinerary offers a comprehensive look at both urban and natural attractions in Oklahoma, focusing on rich cultural experiences and the state’s diverse history.

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Show Notes

Twin Family Travels
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dilly Diner
The Center of the Universe
Woody Guthrie Cente
Dust Bowl
Bob Dylan Center
The Church Studio
Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District
1921 Tulsa Race Massacre
Greenwood Rising
John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park
Trail of Tears
The Given Day
Fixins – Soul Kitchen
Tulsa Botanic Garden
Mondo’s Ristorante Italian
Philbrook Museum of Art
The Gathering Place
Nola’s Creole and Cocktails
Turkey Mountain
Keystone Ancient Forest Preserve
The Outsiders House Museum
Golden Driller
Mother Road Market
Doctor Kustom – A Taste of Brazil
Tulsa Underground Tunnel Tours
Art Deco Tour
Welcome to Bartlesville
Price Tower Arts Center
Inn at Price Tower
Frank Phillips Home
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Pioneer Woman
The Pioneer Woman Mercantile
P-Town Pizza
Osage Nation Museum
Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum
Claremore, Oklahoma
Hugos Family Restaurant
Will Rogers Memorial Museum
The Pink House
J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum
Claremore Museum of History
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Cherokee National History Museum
Cherokee National Prison Museum
Supreme Court Museum
Hunter’s Home
Illinois River Float Trips and Camping
First Americans Museum
Mound Builders
The Plaza Walls
Skeletons: Museum of Osteology
City of OKC
Whitewater Rafting – Riversport OKC
Blessed Stanley Rother Shrine
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
40 Fun Day Trips From Tulsa, Oklahoma (From A Local)



I’ve been a listener for some time now. I have noticed that in the past several months, you no longer display photos of sites referred to in the podcast. I may have missed your explanation for this in a previous podcast, or perhaps this is only available to patron supporters. I’d be curious to know why this has gone away. I miss it.



Sorry, yes. I explained it in one or two episodes but I was afraid people might miss it, both the explanation and the photos that is.

After doing it for most of 19 years, I stopped putting in the photos I think in February. I don’t know if it was related to, the death of my parents making me reevaluate things, or my upcoming retirement, but I didn’t have the time to do it anymore.

With changes in the players fewer and fewer people were seeing it and it was always a fairly small percentage from what I could tell. With a full-time job two active podcasts, and two active blogs something finally had to give. My apologies.

On top of that, it was actually costing me thousands of dollars a year not just of my time but I’ve lost advertising revenue. With retirement coming up, that was a revenue that I thought I needed.

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Travel to Oklahoma (Podcast) highlighting its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse attractions through a detailed one-week itinerary centered around Tulsa. #travel #vacation #trip #holiday #oklahoma #tulsa #okc #oklahomacity #itinerary #places Travel to Oklahoma (Podcast) highlighting its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse attractions through a detailed one-week itinerary centered around Tulsa. #travel #vacation #trip #holiday #oklahoma #tulsa #okc #oklahomacity #itinerary #places

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