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Travel to Palau - A snorkel and kayak safari in the islands of Palau (Podcast)

Hear about travel to the country Palau as the Amateur Traveler talks to Randy Rohrer about his recent kayak and snorkel safari to this tropical paradise.

Why should you go to Palau?

Randy says, “I think people should go to Palau if you want to experience incredible diverse underwater marine life colorful corals, clear warm water. It’s an unspoiled underwater paradise with beautiful sandy beaches, and it also has World War II history. When we were there, we saw colorful corals, fish of all species and sizes, jellyfish, turtles, sharks, squid, manta rays, dolphins, giant clams, and all kinds of exotic plants.”

Embarking on a kayak and snorkel safari in Palau in the Western Pacific, Randy Roar from Maryland shares his exhilarating experience, revealing why this remote archipelago is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers.

Arrival and Stay in Koror

Travelers typically fly into Koror, the bustling hub of Palau, via Hawaii and Guam. Randy suggests taking an extra day to acclimate and recover from jet lag upon arrival. In Koror, visitors can explore the Epperson Museum and the Palau Aquarium to gain insights into the local culture and marine biodiversity.

Cultural Insights on Babeldaob

A day trip to Babeldaob, the largest island, unveils Palau’s rich culture and history. Attractions include ancient stone monoliths and the striking Capitol building. Randy recommends renting a car to explore the island’s rugged landscapes and historic sites.

Exploring the Archipelago

The real adventure began in the archipelago when Randy and his group embarked on a customized 14-day camping safari with Paddling Palau. They utilized sit-on-top kayaks for easy paddling across calm waters, stopping at various islands for snorkeling, and enjoying the rich marine life.

Camping and Snorkeling Adventures

The camping safari offered “glamping” style accommodations with large tents, cots, and even sun showers. Daily activities included kayaking to snorkeling spots, where Randy witnessed an astounding variety of marine species, from jellyfish in the famous Jellyfish Lake to vibrant corals in shallow reefs and the deeper waters of the outer reefs.

Jellyfish Lake and Marine Diversity

One of the highlights was Jellyfish Lake, where non-stinging jellyfish create a surreal swimming experience. The lake is a must-visit for its unique ecosystem, allowing visitors to swim among thousands of golden and moon jellyfish.

History Exploration

The trip also included visits to World War II relics, such as Japanese bunkers and sunken planes, adding a historical dimension to the natural beauty of Palau. Randy’s journey through these sites provided a profound connection to the past, enhancing the overall experience.

Conclusion: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Whether you’re paddling through calm lagoons or snorkeling over vibrant coral reefs, Palau promises an unforgettable adventure in one of the world’s most beautiful and secluded natural settings.

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Show Notes

Etpison Museum
Official Palau Aquarium Site
Badrulchau Stone Monoliths
Belau National Museum
Paddling Palau
Oolong Beach
Peyt’s Island: Showing Off Palau
Jellyfish Lake
Palau: Einstein Garden Snorkel
Palau: Einstein Garden Snorkel
Palau: Einstein Garden Snorkel
Battle of Peleliu
Sam’s Tours Palau


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Travel to Palau - A snorkel and kayak safari in the islands of Palau (Podcast) #palau #beach #snorel #scuba #pacifc #wwii #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Travel to Palau - A snorkel and kayak safari in the islands of Palau (Podcast) #palau #beach #snorel #scuba #pacifc #wwii #travel #vacation #trip #holiday

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