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Travel to the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Papua New Guinea as the Amateur Traveler talks to Chris Shorrock from about the Milne Bay Province of this exotic island country.

Why should someone travel to Papua New Guinea?

Chris says, “There’s a million reasons why someone should go to Papua New Guinea, it’s such a varied country. I would say the main reason to go, is the people are amazing and there’s A lot of culture there as well. Also, the amazing natural environment. We’re talking jungle-clad islands, beautiful coral reefs, dolphins, birds of paradise, pristine rainforest, and then basically no other tourists. So that was a big draw for me, it’s quite off the beaten track and obscure.”

Chris flew to Alatau and then headed to the east cape, the Dento Castro Islands, and the Louisiade Island chain.

As a good transition to the country, he stayed at the Tewali Dive Resort for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. While there he took a side trip to a skull cave and a waterfall.

From there they arranged a dinghy to take them from the east cape to Normandy Island and the Sibonai Guest House. Wayaki who owns the guest house introduced them to the local culture including magic, the secret to good yams, and local birdlife. They also took a dugout canoe tour of the nearby bay.

They took a boat next to Ferguson Island. One of the reasons they visited Ferguson Island was to see the hot springs. They also met a Kula Trader. Kula trading is a ceremonial exchange system.

Chris also recommends a visit to Gonubalabala Island which is a great place to snorkel with manta rays. Samarai Island used to be the capital of the province and still has 24-hour electricity which is a rare thing in the area. 

Back on the mainland he also recommends a visit to the Ulumani Treetops Rainforest Lodge. The owner of the lodge is using the proceeds from the project to protect a patch of tropical jungle from logging. Chris went on a hike into the jungle to see tropical birds like the bird of paradise… and not a few mosquitoes. They also went down to the shore to snorkel in the wreck of an old ship.

This is an adventurous trip, but if you are willing to dive into the deep end of travel, Papua New Guinea can reward your wanderlust as a tropical paradise should.

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Show Notes

Travel Obscure
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Milne Bay
Milne Bay Province
Tawali Leisure and Dive Resort
Tawali Activities
Raskol gangs
Sibonai Guest House
D’Entrecasteaux Islands
Normanby Island
Fergusson Island
Deidei Guest House
Deidei Hot Springs
Meeting A Kula Trader On Fergusson Island
Gonubalabala Island: Everything You Need To Know
Staying On Samarai Island: Everything You Need To Know
Maggie’s Home Stay
Wagga Wagga
Ulumani Treetops Rainforest Lodge


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Travel to the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea (Podcast): dugout canoes, trading circles, diving, and witchcraft #travel #newguinea #pacific #island #adventure #podcast #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Travel to the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea (Podcast): dugout canoes, trading circles, diving, and witchcraft #travel #newguinea #pacific #island #adventure #podcast #travel #vacation #trip #holiday

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