Travel to Quebec – Episode 587

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Travel to Quebec - A 7-10 day Itinerary to Montreal, Quebec City and Quebec Maritime (Podcast)

Hear about travel to the province of Quebec as the Amateur Traveler talks to Margarita Ibbott from about a 7-10 day Itinerary to Montreal, Quebec City, and Quebec Maritime.

Margarita says of Quebec, “I am a huge fan of Quebec and full disclosure it is my hometown. I am from Montreal originally. I grew up in Montreal and I left after I finished university and then I’ve lived in other places in Canada and I find myself coming back. I absolutely love Quebec, Montreal, and Quebec City and also I’ve discovered Quebec Maritime. One of the main reasons we are going to talk about it is actually Canada and Quebec City and Montreal have had really big celebrations this year (2017). Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation this year. Montreal celebrated 375 years of being a city.”

We start in Montreal, which used to be the largest city in Canada. Margarita recommends coming to the city for one of its great festivals. It has Music festivals, comedy, and even a circus festival. And then besides eating and shopping, she recommends exploring the Olympic stadium complex, Mont-Royal (the mountain from which the city gets its name), downtown and the waterfront. We will take in some sites, some bagels, and some poutine.

Then we will head to the UNESCO city of Quebec City with the most photographed hotel in the world Le Chateau Frontenac which looks down on the Saint Lawrence Seaway and on the Plains of Abraham. The Plains of Abraham is where French Canada and English speaking Canada were joined with the English victory over the French. It is also where the USA and Canada remained two separate countries with the British victory over those pesky Yanks. Margarita advises us to take the funicular, spend some time listening to buskers, and visit the great museums.

Finally, Margarita heads us north along the Saint Lawrence to get a taste of Quebec Maritime with a boat ride from Baie-Sainte-Catherine or a visit to the Lighthouse Trail.

Quebec has captured Margarita’s heart and it may capture yours as well as you visit one of the most European looking parts of North America.

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Show Notes
Canada 150th
Montreal 375th Anniversary
Quiet Revolution
Montreal Jazz Festival
Just For Laughs
Montréal Cirque Festival
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Quebec Winter Carnival
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Hotel St Paul
Cité Mémoire – Montréal en Histoires
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
Old Port of Montreal
Olympic Stadium
Montreal Biodome
Montreal Impact
Is the MTL Passeport worth it?
Place Ville Marie
Mount Royal
Saint Lawrence Seaway
Good Eats in Montreal
Saint Catherine Street
La Maison Simons
Joe Beef
St-Viateur Bagel Shop
Montreal Metro
Mont Tremblant Ski Resort Official Site
Quebec City
Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac
Citadelle of Quebec
Best Hotels in Quebec City
Festival d’été de Québec
Plains of Abraham
Restaurants in Quebec City
Old Quebec Funicular
Terrasse Dufferin
Musée de la Place Royale
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec | MNBAQ
Montmorency Falls
Cruise in Baie-Sainte-Catherine | Croisières AML
Beluga whale
The Lighthouse Trail
Minke whale
Phare du haut-fond Prince
Hotel Tadoussac
Saguenay Fjord National Park
Gaspé Peninsula
Winter Carnival – Carnaval de Québec
Ice canoeing


Tom’s comments and show notes

I just wanted to reach out to you and wish you a happy birthday a few days early.  I will be traveling out of the country (in Togo) working at a mission’s hospital in northern Togo.  

I LOVE the show – it feeds my wanderlust.  I look forward to each new show when it arrives.  
I have used your show when i go to places you talked about.
Many of your guest have great articles about the locations and others.

I tried to go to Cambodia last year with you but my work schedule didn’t work out.   There is always Peru.  

Thanks for all you do.


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Travel to Quebec - A 7-10 day Itinerary to Montreal, Quebec City and Quebec Maritime (Podcast)

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Sukaina Versi


Would love to read the transcript so I can highlight the important parts when I go to Canada this summer



Sorry Sukaina, I used to do transcripts when I had a sponsor but don’t any longer because of the cost.

Trish Hulin


Great podcast. Margarita’s love of Quebec reaches through to the listeners. We live in Maine and must visit the sites she shared and make it to the Jazz Fest. Just a FYI I’ve tried three different times to play this episode on my iPhone and each time it would freeze part way through. I could only hear entire uninterrupted show on my iPad.
So while on my walk I listened to some of your other wonderful episodes. Can you check this episode on your end, as such an engaging show to enjoy. Thanks Trish



huh interesting, did anyone else have an issue?

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