Travel to Seattle, Washington – Episode 502

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Travel to Seattle Washington. What to do, see and eat in Seattle. Amateur Traveler episode 502

Hear about travel to Seattle, Washington as the Amateur Traveler talks to Mary Jo Manzanares from about her hometown.


Mary Jo says, “despite what you hear about it raining all the time, you should just ignore that and come because it’s a beautiful destination. We always laugh because if you stack up the annual rainfall against some cities that you think of as warm sunny destinations, it’s less.”

“My first tip would be to find a hotel that is centrally located. It will save you on transportation costs, whether that’s our metro transit system, a taxi or Uber. If you were doing some searches you would probably pull up something around the Pike Place Market”.

We explore downtown and some of its museums like the Seattle Art Museum, the shoreline with the new Seattle Great Wheel and take a ferry ride and a picnic lunch for some great views of the city from the water. We might even find a good cup of coffee somewhere.

Mary Jo then takes us up to the Space Needle for some great views of the city and the nearby EMP Experience Music Project as well as the new Science Fiction Museum and Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.

We talk about some of the seedier history of Seattle (ever heard of “skid row”?) and its connection with the Klondike Gold Rush that you can learn more about at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and on the Seattle Underground Tour.

Then we get out of the city to visit some wineries, watch a Boeing Jet being made or visit the Museum of Flight.

There is a lot to do in the Seattle area. We can’t describe it all in one episode but hopefully, we can give you some idea why you should come visit this beautiful green city by the Puget Sound.

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Show Notes

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Pike Place Market
Rachel the Piggy Bank
DeLaurenti – Specialty Food and Wine – Seattle Pike Place Market
SAM – Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Space Needle
Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum
EMP Museum – Music + Sci-fi + Pop Culture (Experience Music Project)
Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction (Museum)
Seattle Great Wheel
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park – Seattle Unit
Seattle Underground Tour
Sons of the Profits: There’s No Business Like Grow Business. The Seattle Story, 1851-1901
Dick’s Drive-In
Canlis Restaurant
Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room
Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour
The Museum of Flight
Washington State History Museum
Museum of Glass in Tacoma
Heritage Distilling Co
Northwest Folklife Festival


On the Travel to the Maldives – Episode 500, Martin wrote:

Hi Chris,

My wife and I have been regular listeners for years. Congratulations on your 500th. We are looking forward to many more years! We are passionate about traveling – we usually get to go on vacation to foreign destinations about two-three times per year and we make it a habit to (re)listen to the episodes relating to our travel before (during and after) each trip.

Regarding the Maldives Episode I though your listeners would like to know that there is a less expensive (albeit less luxurious) option. My wife and I extended our 3 week trip to Sri Lanka by going on a one week ‘cruise’ on a dhoni boat (refurbished fishing boat) about three years ago. This allows one to visit more atolls (inhabited and uninhabited) and to experience some of the local islands and people away from the capital of Male. The activities on the boat reminded us of a safari schedule with 2 daily snorkelling trips each at different locations (something that spending a whole week at a single resort would not permit). The accommodations on the boat were basic but much more affordable than a $1000 US/night hotel. The meals were surprisingly good and varied given the fact that the cook had to carry pretty much all what was needed for a week (except for fresh fish caught along the way!). With all meals included I would estimate the price for a couple to be well under a quarter of that of the resorts.

Martin and Nathalie

on Travel to Indianapolis, Indiana – Episode 498, Jeff left a detailed comment.

Travel to Seattle Washington. What to do, see and eat in Seattle. Amateur Traveler episode 502

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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Travel to Seattle, Washington – Episode 502: Hear about travel to Seattle, Washington as the Amateur Traveler …



Travel to Seattle, Washington – Episode 502: Hear about travel to Seattle, Washington as the Amateur Traveler …

Elinor W.


FYI – this episode recommends taking a round trip voyage on the Bainbridge or Bremerton ferries and not getting out on the other side. Washington State Ferries now requires all passengers to get off the ferry at both ends of the trip. You could just get off and walk back on, but Bainbridge Island in particular rewards a few hours of exploration, even on foot. There is a nice little (and free) art museum and some good places to eat, especially Mora Iced Creamery and Hitchcock Deli.



Mary Jo offers a great list of suggestions in the podcast, though there are a few additional activities I’d recommend as well.

First, I have to agree with Elinor here–Bainbridge is a lovely place for tourists to visit with great bakeries and restaurants, all of which are in walking distance of the ferry. If you bring a car over, you can visit the Bloedel Reserve, a very pretty garden with lovely views of Puget Sound that’s great for family outings.

The University of Washington campus is a pleasant place to walk around and enjoy a couple of hours. Springtime is the best season to visit when the cherry blossoms are out. As of next month (March 2016), the UW will also be accessible from downtown Seattle via light rail.

Another activity not to be missed if you’re a sports fan is attending a professional soccer game for the local Seattle Sounders. Seattleites love their team–the Sounders routinely attract over 40,000 fans to their games, and it feels very much like going to a European match.

Finally, Green Lake and the attached Woodland Park are a great family destination, and an easy bus or cab ride from downtown. The lake is lovely to walk around, and Woodland Park is where the zoo in Seattle is located, which is worth a visit if you have more time to spend in the city.



Travel to Seattle, Washington – Amateur Traveler #502 #travel #podcast @ExperienceWA



Travel to Seattle, Washington – Amateur Traveler #502 #travel #podcast @ExperienceWA



Another great day trip from Seattle is Whidbey Island. You do need a car to get there, with the options of driving to the north side of the island and continuing south to the ferry back, or taking the ferry both ways. Coming from the north takes you right through Deception Pass State Park, which is one of the many state parks on the island.

A local coffee shop chain a friend has introduced me to is Top Pot Doughnuts. It started in the Capitol Hill district, and has a few locations dotting the city. There also just happens to be one at the very end of the walkway coming back from Bainbridge Island ferry, and have EXCELLENT doughnuts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

A friendly note for football fans visiting Seattle: any non-Seahawks attire may be fair grounds for some level of stink-eye, especially during the heart football season.



I have not made it to Whidbey Island, but have friends there so it is on my list

Jesse Richheimer @ Green Global Travel


Seattle is a beautiful city! Despite the abundance of rain, this shouldn’t prevent you from visiting! The views from the top of the Space Needle are incredible. The glass museum and Chihuly Gardens are filled with awesome glass art and Pike Place is a coffee-lover haven! Check out Seattle, it’ll definitely be worthwhile!

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