Travel to Serbia and Kosovo – Episode 336

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Shawn Farris about his trip to Serbia and Kosovo.

Shawn either visited two countries (or one) in this contested area of the Balkans. Shawn has a personal travel goal to be in more countries than he has years of age (and is currently 15 countries ahead of that goal).

Shawn fell in love with both Serbia and Kosovo and discovered friendly people who were happy to see an American in both areas. Shawn started in Belgrade the capital of Serbia which he found to be a “fun vibrant city”, then down to Novi Sad and Nis. He then exited Serbia and entered Kosovo through Macedonia to avoid the contested border. He traveled to the capital of Pristina and then to the beautiful town of Prizren.

A beautiful, birds-eye-view of the historic city of Prizren in Kosovo.

A beautiful, birds-eye-view of the historic city of Prizren in Kosovo.

This area has a rich and complex history including Roman ruins, Ottoman fortresses, a World War II concentration camp and a military museum in Belgrade with pieces from a U.S. stealth bomber they shot down.

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Show Notes

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Belgrade, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
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Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade
Constantine the Great
Runner of Prizren
Bronze Age
Airbnb Serbia
Mother Teresa
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4 Responses to “Travel to Serbia and Kosovo – Episode 336”



Great podcast! Thanks for going to all the work of editing etc… Shawn makes the world sound like an inviting fun place to explore.



I spent several weeks traveling in the Balkans last fall, so I was especially interested in this episode. I didn’t go to Kosovo, but I visited the same places as Shawn in Serbia, plus I did a day trip by train from Novi Sad to Subotica right on the border with Hungary. I am a big fan of Art Nouveau and Subotica was the highlight of my trip to Serbia – several really interesting buildings, in a good state of repair (for photos see ). Of course, these buildings date to the time when this area was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and I later found more great Art Nouveau buildings a few miles north on the other side of the border (in Pecs, Szeged and Kecskemet). While Serbia was interesting it’s rather flat and I found the scenery in Macedonia and western Albania much better.

Shawn mentioned that Lonely Planet doesn’t have a guidebook for Kosovo. That’s true, but there is a section in the “Western Balkans” book. However, the individual Bradt guides for the area are, naturally, more comprehensive.



I found this episode fascinating and Shawn’s enthusiasm for these places in combination with such positive experiences has me thinking that Serbia and Kosovo should be on my travel wish list.

Loving Serbia


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2. Food = Organic Food Serbia – Healthy Living =
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4. Another Video Travel Blog Belgrade Serbia! – In love with Srbija Beograde (Dutch Twinz)
5. Amazing People = The athletes (Largest Group of foreign Nationals in NBA = Are Serbian)
6. Short flight connecting most major European Cities within 1 hour flight!
7. Great Exchange Rate vs. EURO/US Dollar etc…
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You will be VERY Pleasantly Surprised by what you will see, learn and certain to share the growing crowd of people signing Serbia and the other nations of former Yugoslavia as Great Travel Destinations.

And in Closing = With All Due Respect = KOSOVO IS SERBIA, and the fact that it is an active contemporary social / political / cultural debate, which addresses many serious political concerns that bare a variety of implications related to national sovereignty and is commonly mentioned by many Serbians living in the diaspora e.g. athletes, actors, and other celebrates further illustrates the fact that one cannot divorce the fact that it is a deep and meaningful topic that can’t be ignored = WHITE ELEPHANT!
i.e. “When in Rome do as the Romans” = When in Serbia or the Balkans please go to learn about the great people, the passion and energy of the whole region and appreciate the overall vigor!

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