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Hear about travel to Slovenia as the Amateur Traveler talks again to Michael Soncina about his visit to the country. The country is independent, beautiful and deserves to see more tourists than it gets. Slovenia is nestled between Croatia, Italy and Austria.

Michael visited the country on a press trip with the Slovenia tourism board and on his own. The tourism board says that there are five gems in Slovenia:

Ljubljana: Ljubljana is the capital city. “It is a medieval city. It has castles and the old town and new town. There is a nice river in between and there are nice churches. But really what Ljubljana has become now is a youth city.When you are in Ljubljana you feel like 60% of the population is students so you get this very youthful energy of the place. The is this one strange hang out in the city called Metelkova where rockers and punks and hippies and people who like to listen to disco all come together.”

Michael says that the two best museums in Ljubljana are the modern history museum and the modern art museum. You can get a Ljubljana card to get access to the museums, the bus and the castle.

Postojna: Postojna is best known for the Postojna show cave but Michael preferred a tour to nearby Krizna Cave even more. The cave includes ice age bear bones and an underground river.

Lipizzaner: Home to the beautiful white Lipizzaner stallions, the tourism board recommends a visit to the Lipica Stud Farm, although Michael was less impressed.

Piran: Michael visited the beautiful town of Piran on Slovenia’s tiny coastline on the Adriatic Sea. The town was founded by the Venetians. It is worth a visit… although hard to get to.

Soča valley: This valley in the mountains near the Austrian border has a lot of adventure sports and World War I history. The old trench line has been turned into a walk of peace and there is an award winning museum nearby.

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Show Notes

The Green Rabbit
Hot Horse
National Museum of Contemporary History
Modern Art Museum
Ljubljana Castle
Krizna Cave
Lipica Stud Farm
Soca Valley
Walk of Peace
Zaprikraj, Outdoor museum of the First World War
Slovenia Tourism Board
Velenje Castle
Travel Culture Magazine


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