Travel to South Tyrol, Italy – Episode 425

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Hear about travel to the South Tyrol region of Italy as the Amateur Traveler talks to Alison and Andrew Cornford-Matheson from about their recent trip to this lovely region in Northern Italy.

This predominantly German-speaking region of Italy includes portions of the Dolomites mountain range, a wine road, and some great vistas.

“If you can picture the Northeast corner of Italy, way up in the mountains, that is a region called South Tyrol. It is often confused with Tyrol in Austria. I would say that the number one reason to go there is that it is absolutely beautiful. If you keep a checklist of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Dolomite mountain range is in that part of Italy and it is absolutely gorgeous. Even better you can drive through them. There are a lot of twisty mountain roads that go up up up until you are in the sky.”

“If you are a wine lover or a foodie the wines in that region are just gorgeous and one of the reasons that we went. They have the South Tyrolean Wine Road. You get a mix of both [red and white wines] which is nice. They have a bit more on the white side but their reds are very rich delicious wines to drink on a warm day or even over the winter.”

“We visited in the Spring and it was perfect. We had great weather. Our main goal was to do some driving in the mountains, to taste the food and to visit some of the farm areas there so Spring was perfect for that. But, of course, if you are into winter sports, you can’t beat winter in the mountains. Frankly, some of those mountains still had plenty of snow on them. You could be skiing them in the spring.”

“We stayed at two different farms. One produced wine and apples which was a great combination because we got to drink wine in the evenings and fresh apple juice in the mornings with our breakfast. The second farm we stayed at was an actual family farm. They had cows for milking. That was their main business.”

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Show Notes
South Tyrol
South Tyrolean Wine Road
Roter Hahn / Red Rooster
Sella Pass
Cheese Museum (site not in English)
Museum of Archaeology


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