Travel to Southern South Korea – Episode 286

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Rease from 2 Nomads, 1 Narrative about South Korea.

Rhys and his girlfriend Nicki taught English for a year in Southern South Korea and also took time to travel around the country. We start in the city of Busan which also called Pusan and the only part of South Korea not to fall to the North in the Korean Conflict.

Rease recommends we see the Busan fish market and some of the old temples and then move on from Korea’s second-largest city to the ancient capital of Gyeongju. Gyeongju is over 2000 years old and includes ancient temples and burial tombs and also has the largest of the Buddhist temples in the country. Then Rease recommends we move along to some of the beaches, seaside towns, and islands on the south coast which most western tourists don’t visit.

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Show Notes

2 Nomads, 1 Narrative
Just Your Average Day
Attempting ‘Buddahood’ (Korean Temple Stay)
Gyeongju National Museum
Korea’s Island Escapes
Festival Fun
The 12 Scenic Sights of Ulsan
Korean Tastes: 5 Day Market
On A Stick (Korean Street Food)


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