Travel to Spain’s Canary Islands – Episode 294

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Gary Arndt of about his recent trip to the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are tropical volcanic islands that are part of Spain but are located off the coast of Northwestern Africa. They are not named after birds.

The first thing that struck me when I got off the plane was how much the weather was like Hawaii and I have heard a lot of people call it Europe’s Hawaii. It is part of Spain. There are two provinces that constitute the Canary Islands. One with its capital on Grand Canaria Island and the other on the island of Tenerife. Columbus’s last stopover was in the Canary Islands. Each of the islands and there are 7 main islands, have a very different character.

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Show Notes

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I received this from Diane:

Hello Chris, I’ve recently discovered podcasts, and have been enjoying yours in particular. First I listened to all the ones relating to areas that interested me the most. I enjoyed the format so much, and listening to your enthusiastc guests, I began to listen to the podcasts of areas that held no interest (notice the use of past tense) to me, and found I enjoy them just as much.

However, in listening to your Canary Island podcast, #294, I found I was becoming increasingly annoyed ny your continued use of the word “interesting” often spoken with a disinterested tone, giving a perceived impression that you were bored with the subject matter, your guest, or both! It spoiled the podcast for me because I found I was gritting my teeth only halfway through the podcast every time I heard you speak that word. I challenge you to listen to that podcast, and even if you disagree, just for kicks, count how many times you spoke the word. I would have, but couldn’t bring myself to listen again.

I’m thinking you may have been having an “off” day, as we all do, because I have continued to enjoy your podcasts. I know it’s a tremendous effort, and I appreciate all that you do to bring these episodes to us.

Thank you from a new fan.


more details on episode 301 but not bored, just tired 🙂



The Canary islands are amazing! Also I can recommend The Balearic Islands with destination like Palma de Majorca or Ibiza.



Thanks Gary and Chris for a great episode on the Canary Islands full of interesting and helpful tips. My wife and I travel once a year in the winter and we’re not sure where to go this past December, but after listening to this episode it made our choice easy. Spent our time on Tennerife and La Palma where we too enjoyed El Teide National Park and the observatories on La Palma. Also stayed at the Grand Hotel Mencey which exceeded our expectations. Thanks again.



Mike, great! Did we miss anything that other travelers should know?

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