Travel to Turin and Bologna (or eating our way through Italy) – Episode 208

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Ira Bernstein about two lesser-visited cities in Italy – Turin, and Bologna.

Turin has the reputation as the Detroit of Italy because of its long association with Fiat but that nickname does not express the beauty of the city, the warmth of its people nor the quality of its wine.

Bologna has a reputation for good food in a country known for its good food which may be one of the reasons that Bologna is known as “the fat”. The city is the home of bolognese sauce and lasagna.

It also lays claim to one of the oldest if not the oldest university in Europe.

Ira takes us on a tour of surprising museums (like the largest Egyptian museum outside Cairo), pivotal history and of course wonderful food.

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Show Notes

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Turin, Italy
piemonte map
1796 map of Italy
1810 map of Italy
Camillo Cavour
Italian unification
The synagogue of Casale Monferrato in Turin
National Museum of the Cinema in Turin
Museo Egizio – largest Egyptian museum outside Cairo
Museum of Oriental Art in Turin
Hotel Alpi Resort in Turin
San Gimignano
Jewish Museum of Bologna

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4 Responses to “Travel to Turin and Bologna (or eating our way through Italy) – Episode 208”

cynthia in the french alps


Great website! The podcast is a nice touch. I live in the French Alps only 2 hours from Torino but I’ve never been there. I lived in Italy for 3 years and been to 73 towns and cities but Torino never made the list. But now that Im so close I’ll be get there soon. Bologna is lovely so I highly recommend it. Thanks for the info on Torino! Cynthia in the French Alps



Thanks to Ira and Chris for an informative and interesting podcast – it was a pleasure to listen to, and brought back lots of memories. My closest friend lives in Turin (I live in Chicago) so I have been many times, and it’s so nice to hear it get kudos.

One place I hit every time I’m in Turin is Eataly, a gourmet grocery store where you can also eat a meal. My only limit is that I have to buy what I can eat before heading back to the US!

I was happy to hear all the great wines mentioned – I think Piedmont is going to be the next Chianti in terms of international fame for its wines!

I’d also recommend visiting the incredibly gorgeous Sacra di San Michele which is not far. Turin is going to be inundated with visitors for a few weeks in the Spring of 2010 because the Shroud – which comes out every decade or so – is going to be on display.

ps – yeah Bologna is nice, too πŸ˜‰

Madelaine Sellers


Rural Italy is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Tuscany is particularly eye-catching with hilly and mountainous topography in much of the area. There are lovely valleys too and attractive Tuscan farm houses.



Bologna is one of the most amazing places in Italy!

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