Travel to Uzbekistan – Episode 571

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Travel to Uzbekistan - What to Do, See and Eat in Uzbekistan (Podcast)
Hear about travel to Uzbekistan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Latish Sharma about his travels on the Silk Road to ancient cities including Samarkand.

Of his travels to Uzbekistan, Latish says, “I was fascinated with travelers like Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta. Following their footsteps in Central Asia would take you to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is also a place with Islamic history and also history that predates Islam and the Mongol conquerors, Alexander the Great’s campaign [for instance]. I also found out after I went that they have excellent food. They are a very welcoming culture.”

Latish guides us on a series of cities connected by rides in collective taxis. He traveled to the capital of Tashkent, the walled city of Khiva, the old city of Bukhara, and the ancient city of Samarkand.

While he enjoyed the Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent, he does not recommend spending a lot of time in the city, nor did he. But did you know that Tashkent has a Korean neighborhood that dates back to Soviet times?

Legend has it that the city of Khiva was founded by Shem, one of the sons of Noah, although archeologists can only date it as far back as the 6th century. Inside the walls, you will find sites like the Islam Hoja Minaret and Juma Mosque.

Bukhara is another silk road city that has been a center of Islamic learning. It is the home for theologian Muhammad al-Bukhari as well as mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, the father of algebra. It has a number of well-preserved mosques and madrassas.

Samarkand is just huge. Its monuments are on a much greater scale since it was built using money from the conquests of Tamerlane, who founded the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia.

We talk about food, like plav as well as the differences that Sufism has made on the art and architecture you will see in the country.

Come hear why explorers have been drawn to these ancient cities for many, many years.

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Show Notes

Marco Polo
Ibn Batuta
Chorsu Bazaar
Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi
Lyab-i Hauz
Kalyan minaret
Genghis Khan
History of Bukhara
Ark of Bukhara
Samanid Mausoleum
Chor Minor
Bibi-Khanym Mosque
Ulugh Beg Madrasa
Uzbek plov
Tashkent photos
Latish’s Khiva photos
Latish’s Bukhara photos
Latish’s Samarkand photos
Latish’s Uzbek food photos

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

4 Responses to “Travel to Uzbekistan – Episode 571”



I’ll say this right off the bat: I’ll probably never visit Uzbekistan. I’ve got a young family and my days of adventurous travelling are well behind me. Having said that I really enjoyed this episode; your guest, Latish, was really engaging and was able to bring the awe he felt in the country to life.

I’ve been listening to your podcast for many years now (and have even guested on one episode myself), and I’m not sure that you’ll want to hear this, but you and your show transport me to far-flung corners of the world, and with your very best guests, the feeling is so real that I sometimes feel like I don’t need to actually visit the places myself!

Keep up the good work, and pass on my thanks to Latish and your other guests.

Mark Carrara


When I see a swastika I think Pueblo Indians. It was very common in those cultures. I can’t remember exactly which one, but I think Hopi.


Ed @Aba Travel


Regarding what David said: just recently we had two travelers from United States, a father of 86 and his son of 52. They did all of Uzbekistan from east to west, and even though were cautious at first, the whole trip was smooth and a good memory.

All comforts are there in Uzbekistan: good hotels, experienced guides, exquisite cuisine etc.

All you need to do is to prepare your trip well with a knowledgeable agent.



Thanks Ed, this episode definitely put Uzbekistan on my personal list.

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