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Hear about travel to Vermont as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dana Freeman of about her adopted home state. Dana has lived in Vermont for 14 years and someday her children’s children may be Vermonters.

“Vermont is absolutely beautiful. Lot’s and lots of states can claim that they are beautiful too. Aside from April, which is mud season, and November, which is something we call ‘stick season’, it is really pretty much always stunning and there is always something to do. There’s always a fair or a festival or an event. There is something going on for your family or for you and a reason to come and visit. But more than that I always tell people to come and visit because Vermont is a state that is really just one small community made up of some really fantastic people. We are a small state. We only have about 600,000 people living here and so the whole six degrees of separation doesn’t really hold true. We’re pretty much two degrees of separation and that makes us really tight knit and we want to welcome people here and we mean it.”

Dana’s family love winter sports in Vermont but she is still partial to the Fall which is “visually an absolutely beautiful time to be here”.

Dana describes an itinerary that starts in Burlington. She suggests we spend some time on Lake Champlain, shop and eat at the Church Street Marketplace, and grab an ice cream at a Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop. She makes recommendations for places to stay and eat in Burlington. You can learn about Lake Champlain at the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center and rent a bike to explore the Burlington Bike Path. Keep on the lookout for Champ which is the Vermont version of the Loch Ness monster.

Dana then takes us south to Shelburne Farms a “magically gigantic farm which is absolutely stunning”. You can see the animals but can also hike the hiking trails and stay in The Inn at Shelburne Farms. “They have some of the most beautiful landscaped gardens I have ever seen.” While we are in the area she also recommends we take in the Shelburne Museum which is a folk museum.

From Shelburne we head to the beautiful small towns of Middlebury and Vergennes. Vergennes holds the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum which describes the maritime culture and history on the lake including the naval battles fought on Lake Champlain in the American Revolutionary War.

For winter sports or any season Dana recommends a stop in Stowe. In the summer you can hike the trails in the area.

Learn about maple syrup, Vermont cheese, covered bridges, the Trapp Family Lodge (Sound of Music) and more as we explore the Green Mountain state.

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Show Notes

Find and Go Seek
Visit Vermont
Hotel Vermont
Hotel Vermont: Drinking & Dining
Church Street Marketplace
Ben & Jerry’s
Lake Champlain Chocolates
August First
Bluebird Tavern
Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center
Burlington Bike Path
Local Motion
Lake Champlain
Shelburne Farms
Maple Landmark Toys
Vergennes Laundry
Basin Harbor Club
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Lake Champlain History: Revolutionary War
Mad River Valley
Vermont Ski Museum
Stowe Mountain Lodge
Stone Hut
Mount Mansfield
Stowe Pinnacle Trail
Woodstock, Vermont
Woodstock Inn & Resort
Suicide Six
Billings Farm & Museum
Route 100
Bennington, Vermont
Bennington Potters
Sugaring Season
Sugar on Snow
Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tours
Cabot Creamery
Vermont Cheese Council
Trapp Family Lodge
Colchester Causeway
Vermont Brewers Association
Hacketts Orchard



I love your podcast so first I want to thank-you for putting in the effort to make it. Please keep doing it.

Next year I am planning a 6-12 month trip with a lot of diving in the indo-pacific. Most of my planned destinations you have already done podcasts on but I would like to request podcasts on Fiji and Palau. If you have the opportunity to interview people who have been there, please do so.

Thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to the next show!


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