Traveling for Pie… Celebrating National Pie Month

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huge pieFebruary has been named National Pie Month here in the United States. It is coincidentally also National Cake Month, which is not to be confused with October which is National Dessert Month, and certainly not to be confused with December 27th which is National Fruitcake Day.

Christine Sarkis at published a list of 11 places where she says you can get “America’s Most Unforgettable Pies” include pie shops in San Francisco, CA, Kimmswick, MO, Brooklyn, NY, Nunnelly, TN, Oahu, HI, Ronks, PA and Sarasota, FL. I certainly will have to check out the Green Chile Apple Pie From Chile Pies in San Francisco that she mentions. But we put it to our list of experts (anyone who follows me on twitter) where they had found the best pie. The most popular answer is something like “the pie that my mother, grandmother, etc used to bake”, but we did also get these international recommendations:

What is the best pie you have discovered on your travels?

Craig Martin
Publisher Indie Travel Podcast

New Zealanders take their pies very seriously. If, for example, you’re driving north towards Auckland, New Zealand you’re likely to pass through Huntly. If you keep an eye out of the left-hand window, you’ll spot the following sign on a dairy (a convenience store): “Last dairy before Auckland. Stop and pick up a pie”. This won’t be a sweet, family-sized pie however. It’ll be a one-person pastry packet filled with gravy, steak and cheese, mince with a mashed-potato topping, or — in the fancier dairies — buttered chicken curry or spinach and ricotta. Now … why doesn’t New Zealand have a National Pie Month? I’ll never know.

Jessica Spiegel
Blogger Why Go Italy?

I’m so ridiculously partial to my mother’s apple & pumpkin pies but there was a DIVINE fruit tart I had in Paris at a chain of Parisian tart places my cousin used to own/run – called Tarte Julie. They do savory & sweet tarts.

Lorene Romero
Travel Agent / Podcaster Home Based Travel Agent Podcast

In Sebastopol, CA there is a place called Mom’s Apple Pie. I cycle with friends on Wednesdays and it is a great place for a break or sandwich.

Mary-Alice Pomputius
Blogger Dog Jaunt

There is no better pie – and I am confident about this – than the pies, esp. apricot, from Duarte’s in Pescadero, CA.

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wandering educators


there’s a place in wisconsin, as you’re driving from mpls to madison (on 94), called the norske nook,. they make fantastic pies – as does betty’s pies, just north of duluth on the north shore. but really? the best ones are in my mom’s kitchen. 🙂



To avoid trouble, I’ll add that my dearest friend’s vote would be for the pies at Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro, Maine ( ). The fact is, though, that she’s never been to Duarte’s.



I go to an annual pie party every year on New Year’s Day where everyone brings, and eats, pie! This year, one of the highlights was a Seafood Pie.



Beth, You had me until you said “seafood pie”.

cynthia scarborough


Peanut butter pie at Simonson’s Restaurant in Fort Pierce, FL. Delicious! My grandmother later got the recipe and gave it to me. Yum!

Maryanne Merritt


Martin’s Restaurant located in Montgomery AL is famous for their homemade meringue pie featured in Travel and Leisure magazine. We offer Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon and Butterscotch Meringue. They are baked daily in our kitchen. Located at 1796 Carter Hill Road, Montgomery,AL 36106

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