Traveling to Beijing, China with a Tour – Episode 187

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Tour of Beijing
The Amateur Traveler talks to Joy Dupont about taking a guided tour to visit Beijing, China.

Joy talks about the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Lama temple, the Temple of Heaven and the Hutong area of Beijing which still looks like old China.

We talk about shopping at silk factories, cloisonné factories, jade factories and the world’s largest herbal drugstore. We also talk about an area of Beijing like a Chinese Greenwich Village called “798”. Regent China Tours is the tour company that Joy uses. From street food, unidentifiable food to the Bai Family Courtyard Restaurant, China is a treat for those willing to try new foods and willing to try chopsticks.

Although KFC, McDonalds and Starbucks can be found we recommend the tea houses instead. Great sites, amazingly large crowds, ancient treasures and the rush of modern life. All of these are China.

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Show Notes

China Sports And Travel – Joy’s Travel Agent site
Feng shui
Regent China Tours
Bai Family Courtyard Restaurant
National Geographic May 2008 on China
Cultural Revolution

Internet Resources – Discover Things to Do, Local & Travel Guides


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4 Responses to “Traveling to Beijing, China with a Tour – Episode 187”

JT Solace


Normally I would be excited to see that the new Amateur Traveler is posted and would immediately download with much joy. This time however I must protest. To post a show about China my only reaction can be to demure. I cannot in good conscience listen to someone speak positively about a country wherein forced abortion, summary public executions, the flooding of random villages and the imprisoning of citizens based solely upon their religious affiliation is common place. To podcast about China and to seemingly treat it with the same respect that one would any other free country is to accept and elevate a country that will not, nor ever will, respond in kind. I hope the next podcast is one a can enjoy. Apologies.



I certainly understand that someone could have reservations about traveling to China or even talking about traveling to China because of the politics of that country. (I do wonder if you caught the shows on Cuba and Myanmar).

But I will have to say that I take a different approach. There are numerous countries whose politics I disagree with, not excluding my own. My approach is that countries that I have no contract with I cannot influence. I have publicly supported travel to any country where it is safe. I would like to see us more engaged not less. On the other hand, when we talked about Myanmar / Burma, for instance, we talk about what options put more money in local hands vs government hands.



I understand that political situations in these countries greatly affects their tourism industry. But taking aside the reality about how politics tailor, travelers would sure have enough fun on these countries.

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