Travel to Tunisia – Episode 132

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Hoylen about a recent trip to Tunisia. Hear about the Berber and Carthaginian ruins, the medina, and the dessert landscapes. Hoylen, who is a big Star Wars fan, was drawn to Tunisia by its connection with that series of movies and visited some of the locations used to film Star Wars.


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It’s matt from myspace. how’s everything. I like this page better than your myspace one. Do you mind if I link it on my new travel site?




It is always a pleasure to be linked to.

Keith K.


I would like to make a small correction re visas … they are NOT required by citizens of the US, the EU, the UK or Canada … Australians and South Africans, who DO require a visa, can obtain it, like the podcast says, on entry. However, according to the Tunisian tourist office in London, foreign currency IS accepted (I did ask … my wife has an Australian passport!). You can, if you need it, get a visa in advance, but it’s a rather prolix and tedious performance!

For the latest information, see





I’m so glad I found this podcast. I don’t have the budget to travel to the far corners of the earth, but I love listening about them. This was a really great episode as well, but probably because I’m a big Star Wars geek. πŸ™‚

My Bug Life


I saw this on Discovery Channel and Tunisia is on my list of places I wanna visit sometime in the future. I luv the photo..:)

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