Travel to Devon and Cornwall, England – Episode 712

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What to do in Plymouth, England and in Devon and Cornwall (Podcast)

Hear about what to do in Plymouth, England, Devon, and Cornwall as the Amateur Traveler talks to Ryan Duffield about his home region in southwestern England.

Ryan says, “Plymouth is a fantastic city. It is a city that has this amazing maritime history and tradition that dates right back to medieval times but actually is quite often overlooked. When people think of cities in England they think of London, Winchester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool perhaps, but I think Plymouth has just as much as any of those cities. It’s just not heard of so much. I think particularly of note to any of you American listeners, it is also the city where the Pilgrim fathers set sail from on the Mayflower in 1620. It’s surrounded by beautiful coastline. It is right on the border of the counties of Devon and Cornwall and these are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK down in the southwest of England. So it’s got lots to offer.”

Ryan starts us in historic Plymouth. We can tour an active naval base, or see murals of the ships sailing out from Plymouth to meet the Spanish Armada. You can resupply in the Royal William Victualling Yard just like Admiral Nelson or Sir Francis Drake would have… except it is now geared more for tourists than admirals and privateers. 

Linger on the Mayflower steps or visit the Mayflower Museum to celebrate the connection with the American Plymouth Massachusetts and the pilgrims. Come in July for the British Fireworks Championships. 

While boats no longer sail from here to conquest and exploration, you can grab a ferry here to explore France or the nearby coast of Devon and Cornwall.

There are only 15 national parks in England but two of them are in Devon and they are both moors: Dartmoor and Exmoor. Devon and Cornwall have 3 UNESCO sites between them: North Devon Biosphere Reserve, Dorset and East Devon Coast (also called the Jurassic Coast), Cornwall and the West Devon Mining Landscape. 

Cornwall and West Devon were known for their fishing but also for their tin mining. The Cornish pasty is not only delicious but it was practical for tin miners to eat. They held it by the crust and discarded that part after eating the rest as it was contaminated with tin from their hands. 

Ryan tells us where to find local gin, beer, pasties, and ice cream. He also instructs us on how to have our cream tea. How you spread your jam and clotted cream is a matter of disagreement between Devon and Cornwall.

Enjoy a beach. Go surfing. Take a hike on the South West Coast Path. Explore the national parks. Walk where the dinosaurs walked. Learn about the rich history and enjoy this wonderful corner of England.

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Show Notes

Sutton Harbour
Mayflower Museum
Barbican, Plymouth
Plymouth Hoe
Tinside Lido
British Firework Championships
Bonfire Night
MTV Presents: Ocean City Sounds
Royal William Victualling Yard
Devonport, Plymouth
Dartmoor Prison
All 15 National Parks in the UK – What to See in a One Day Visit
Ten Tors
Mining in Cornwall and Devon
Oggy Oggy Pasties
South West Coast Path
Exmoor – Welcome to Exmoor National Park
Jurassic Coast
Lyme Regis
Cream tea
North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve


Rutherford B. Hayes & Paraguay

Hi Chris,

I just listened to the Travel to Bosnia Podcast and enjoyed it as always. Thanks for keeping them coming.

I really enjoyed the note from the young travelers who have been traveling since they recently married. I’m glad to hear that young people are listening to your Podcasts.

My wife and I have been traveling since the day we married. We drove from Southern California and honeymooned in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. We’ve been traveling ever since. That’s 52 years. We can’t wait to go again.

We’ve traveled to every continent including Antarctica. We’ve made friends all over the world. It has been good to keep in contact with them and to update each other as we sit out the Pandemic. It also helps to really find out what is happening since the U.S. media is so screwed up.

It is so important to understand other cultures and to enjoy the things that they do with them. It is also great to spend time with people and understand that they have the same concerns as all of us. Namely, how do I make a living, how do I feed my family, and how do I help my children succeed.

Stay Safe,


Amateur Traveler turns 15 years old

Amateur Traveler turns 15 years old

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What to do in Plymouth, England and in Devon and Cornwall (Podcast) | Places to go in Devon and Cornwall #travel #trip #vacation #england #uk #united-kingdom #briton #devon #cornwall #beaches #history #national-park #exmoor #dartmoor What to do in Plymouth, England and in Devon and Cornwall (Podcast) | Places to go in Devon and Cornwall #travel #trip #vacation #england #uk #united-kingdom #briton #devon #cornwall #beaches #history #national-park #exmoor #dartmoor

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Lyme Regis definitely has a museum, which organizes fossil walks along the Jurassic Coast. Mary Annig, who made the early discoveries, features in Tracy Chevalier’s book “Remarkable Creatures”. Lyme Regis also stars in Jane Austin’s “Persuasion” and in “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” (the author of that was the curator of the museum from 1979 to 1988).

WRT to scones and clotted cream, I vote for cream on top. Otherwise the jam has a tendency to slide off the cream. Plus, you get more of a cream taste that way.

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