Where to Stay in Tuscany – 10 Family-Friendly  Accommodations

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Description: Every Tuscany Italy family holiday should include some great accommodation options. Here we’ll look at ten fantastic family-friendly places one can stay to ensure a wonderful vacation that they will never forget.

When thinking about Tuscany vacations with kids, there is a lot to consider. There are plenty of things to do in Tuscany Italy, but what about the accommodation? Will it work for children? You should find something that is family-friendly. There are more and more agriturismos and hotels now for families with children. Parents get a chance to enjoy beautiful Tuscany Italy, and children stay active and happy.

We know how tough it must be to arrive at the destination and realize there aren’t any cots, toddler chairs, games or toys. Here we’re taking some hassles of planning away with our top ten family-friendly accommodation options in Tuscany Italy. We can guarantee that children and adults will both love to stay at any of these resorts in Tuscany Italy. There are so many villas in Tuscany Italy for rent, enjoy our guide of the top 10 best out there.

In no particular order:

1. Agriturismo Montalbano in Montespertoli

  • Twin bedroom options
  • Numerous spacious living areas are available

Your adventure begins in Montalbano! This is actually a slick, wonderful-looking accommodation that is both great for adults and a complete child’s fantasy land. There is a jungle gym, swings, and even a tree fort! If not enough, the hosts provide various activities around the farmland to entertain the kids with all that Tuscany Italy has to offer.

2. Santa Maria in Montaione

  • Lots of space for garden games
  • Numerous amenities nearby

Kids will surely appreciate the incredible sunny nature of this residence in Santa Maria. There is a spacious and completely fenced garden, providing a safe and exciting play area for any young ones. Within, one can find all sorts of flowering plants, fabulous fruit trees, and wildlife. There is even a roomy pool to cool down and have a dip. One of the great things about this place is its close location to many amenities and restaurants nearby. However, if one does feel like cooking, they can do it on their large private terrace.

3. Podere Casanova in Montespertoli

  • Great dining area
  • A relaxing setting and environment

This is a place to get stuck in and learn everything there is about making a perfect pizza, with fresh ingredients nearby. Upon arrival, guests are greeted to a thoughtful welcome buffet — a great addition after all that traveling! The location and setting are very relaxing and will be great for kids. One can enjoy their prime location with stunning views all around, plus there is a large panoramic pool for a refreshing dip. The surrounding grounds are spacious, and kids will be playing for hours.

4. Agriturismo Incrociata in Bucine

  • Fantastic views for the whole family
  • Plenty of scenery surrounding

This is a truly breathtaking option. One can look around at all the farm delights at this accommodation, featuring vineyards and olive groves that stretch out far. It’s a brilliant place to enjoy some family time, with a lot to do and see — both for adults and children. You can move into a spacious villa or one of many large and luminous apartments.

5. Agriturismo Vernianello in Poggibonsi

  • Much for children to do
  • Many games available

Whatever one has to say about this option, they won’t be criticizing the number of entertainment options available! There is so much for kids to do: table tennis, mountain biking, playing in a large playground, a spacious pool, board games, football pitches, mini volleyball, swings, and much more. There is even a small library featuring books in all sorts of languages. If one finds some time, they can go out and explore the beautiful Tuscan region around. There are a lot of spots to have a great adventure at.

6. Fattoria il Lago in Dicomano

  • Stunning views nearby
  • Things for all family

This really is one of the best places to spend Tuscany holidays with kids. Fattoria il Lago’s location is very close to Florence in a quite remote region. One can enjoy walking off the beaten track on paths full of vineyards, trails, and olive groves. This resort is wonderful in terms of a great price for a family vacation. A terrific site is a large lake that includes a playground and is a great spot for fishing. It also includes a fun recreational center for any indoor activities meaning that undesirable Tuscany weather wouldn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. There is something for everyone, from wine tasting to family games—- they have everything covered.

7. Tenuta Quadrifoglio in Gambassi Terme

  • Lots for kids to do
  • A huge pool

Any Tuscan adventure should include the possibility for dreams to come true, and this is the place that delivers. One stunning feature is the equestrian facilities — while adults are walking around and taking in some Tuscany points of interest, their children can learn how to ride horses! Tenuta Quadrifoglio contains a horse ring, and there is always an experienced teacher on site. On top, there is an enormous pool, plenty of grasslands and a beautiful garden area for everybody to enjoy.


8. Camporsevoli in Cetona

  • Spacious double bedrooms available
  • Wonderful areas for kids to have adventures

There are plenty of ways kids and adults can have adventures here, with a large pool and garden available. One can even enjoy some fun activities such as cooking classes! The views are spectacular but you don’t need to break the bank to see them — this resort is very competitive in terms of their price point. Everything has been done to make this accommodation option kid-friendly, so don’t worry about that. The surrounding areas of Umbria and Lazio are the best places to visit in Tuscany Italy, indeed beautiful places, and they even contain some exciting hot springs!

9. Borgo Isora in Le Piastre

  • Great forested location
  • Best time to visit Tuscany Italy in winter

This is an accommodation option for those who like to have some adventure. Right up inside the forests, above the stunning Pistoia region, you can go for hikes, treks and enjoy the rich greenery around. Moreover, this place is not too remote, so you can explore some sites — only a short drive to the center of Florence. If one is keen on winter sports, this is the place to stay — it’s close to Abetone where you can enjoy a lot of snowboarding, skiing, and even sledging!

10. Agriturismo Melograno di Banditella in Grosseto

  • See exciting Italian Cowboys
  • Plenty of places to hike

Agriturismo Melograno di Banditella is a cool location because it gives the chance to meet some authentic Italian cowboys! The owners of this site have worked tirelessly over the years to keep the traditions of this area alive. The sit-down meals that they offer are delicious and provide the opportunity to Where to Stay in Tuscany - 10 Family-Friendly  Accommodations #travel #trip #vacation #italy #tuscany #where-to-stay #hotel learn more about Italian culture. Children will find all of these activities exciting and will love running around one of many hiking routes with their parents.

Enjoy Your Tuscany Italy Visit

We hope you’ve found some of these locations useful and interesting. Everyone can explore a family-friendly map of Tuscany Italy! Any of the cities in Tuscany are wonderful places to visit both for children and adults, plus they have so much to do. Enjoy your visit!

Have you ever visited Italy before? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Get in touch and leave your comments below.

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Betti Wilson was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years living in Italy — she moved and never looked back! Betti loves all there is to offer and set up a guesthouse. When business is slow in the offseason, she works part-time as a copywriter, writing for a variety of publications such as All Pets Expert and numerous travel blogs.

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Betti Wilson

by Betti Wilson

Betti Wilson was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years living in Italy — she moved and never looked back! Betti loves all there is to offer and set up a guesthouse. When business is slow in the offseason, she works part-time as a copywriter, writing for a variety of publications such as All Pets Expert and numerous travel blogs.

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