App Review: Packing Pro for iPhone and iPad

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PackingPro I am a great traveler but an awful list-maker.  Knowing this,  I jumped at the chance to review this iphone app which, I hoped, would make me better at planning and packing for my trips. The app is slick and is filled with every possible extra you might ask for. It allows you to import or export lists to other folks via bluetooth, or app-to-app. It allows you to email lists. I did send an email of the list to myself. It’s a csv file so can be opened with any text editor and used by many other programs. You can change the theme (12 option) or change individual colors or fonts. You can use the metric system. You can change the sorting method for the lists.

The app comes with default lists and catalog items; what seems like a thousand choices. For the challenged like me, you can use their Favorites list and then customize to add more items. You can put the items in custom categories. The items in the Favorites list seemed to be fine for me with few changes. This is really a complete list-maker. I couldn’t ask for more features.

It has a very simple interface. There is no question of how the app works. It simply takes you through the list-making process. The buttons are clear and well-placed. There are just enough options on the list to get you what you need – not too many. The list has two categories I thought were quite unique. There is a to-do list for actions required prior to a trip. This is quite handy when you need to call for confirmations or to stop mail, etc. In addition, there is a post trip to-do list that is very complete. Sometime we forget to turn off the lighting timers or adjust the heat, etc. When you are done with a list, you can save it with a unique name for later use. You could have multiple lists for business/personal or short/long travel plans.

When adding a catalog item, there is a very professional interface that has drop-down menus for sizes, styles, etc. A look at the “shirts” item for instance, gives you a choice on the number needed. It has the drop-down for the person (everyone needs shirts), it also has a drop-down menu for which suitcase you want it stored in, and a note section in case you have special requirements or needs for a shirt. Every catalog item has a similar interface making this an incredibly detailed list-maker.

I’d say this was the king of all packing list apps. You will be amazed by it’s simplicity and attention to detail. You can get Packing Pro for $2.99 on iTunes. Check out the other details and apps at


Disclosure: A free copy of this app was given to the reviewer with the understanding that a fair and honest review would be written of it.

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David Elwood

by David Elwood

David Elwood is an avid scuba diver, leisure traveler and cancer survivor. He has traveled extensively to witness the wonderful things the world has to offer . His latest hobby, travel photography, continues to take him to faraway places.

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Marg whelan


I find this app impossible to use. It is too complicated and needs to include easier user guide.



I agree with Marg! Packing Pro is too complicated. I’m using uPackingList.

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