App Review: TripList for iOS

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TripList is a great app when planning a trip that you might only need a change of clothes for overnight or 2 suitcases for a cross-country expedition. There is not much left off the list.

Set up was really easy. You are able to set up more than one trip at a time and more than one user at a time. I have a trip set up for my husband and I to South Carolina in September and added my husband as a user for a trip he’ll be taking in the future. You can add a picture of yourself for your profile or where you’re going for a user picture. There are some pre-loaded figures or you can upload a picture from your collection.

As for setting up your trip, just touch the + sign and you can start a new trip, use a trip template you have already set up or you can use a trip planning service online with your existing trip. When creating a new trip, name it , add trip type which consist of business, recreational, conference, camping trip, cruise or just a weekend get-away. Add your start date and maybe a note about the trip and you’re ready to go.When planning what to take along on the trip the list is endlist and if it’s not there you can create it. Included are everything from Kindles to Passports to toothpaste to birth control!

There are also items to remember to do before you leave. Just check the boxes beside each item as you pack or complete it and you’ll know you have everything for your trip.

This will definitely be an app I will use each time we are planning a trip. Thank you Amateur Traveler for letting me try it out and review it.

Disclaimer:  A free copy of this app was provided to the user with the expectation they would write an honest and fair review.

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Sarah Coale

by Sarah Coale

I am married (for 25 yrs), have 2 boys - 24 and 21 (only 2 semesters of Mizzou left to pay for!), graduate of Mizzou myself. Ran my first half-marathon in March 2012 at 48 yrs old! My husband and I live in Clinton, Missouri, a quiet town of 10,000 on the edge of Truman Lake in West Central Missouri.

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