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Screen shot of Postagram app on iPhone There is a new, old way to send greetings to your family and friends. Postagram is a free app that can be downloaded to your Smartphone, or in my case, iPod Touch with a camera and wifi. The company that runs Postagram, named Sincerely, offers you enough credit upon signing up for 1 free postcard. After that you can purchase credit for postcards with your credit card.

I just completed an 8 month around the world trip that covered 21 countries. Traveling with only a backpack, space is limited for souvenirs.  I’ve always been a fan of collecting postcards since they were inexpensive and easy to transport. Most of all, postcards are a way I share my travels and the way I remember them. Now with Postagram I can still collect the memories and share them quicker.

Using Postagram, I can instantly make my friends and family jealous of my location with just a couple clicks on my Smartphone. The cost is small compared to the hassle of tracking down a card and stamp while traveling. Having the ability to send a postcard while ‘in the moment’ is priceless because who really goes home and prints there photos to share with their family and friends anymore?

The best part about Postagram is that you have complete control of the image you want to send. Have you ever found a good quality picture postcard without having to pay a high price? Often times, it’s outdated and the quality is bad. Postagram lets you be in charge of the creativity and show off those photography skills.

I was recently visiting my brother who lives 3,000 miles away. I snapped a picture of us at dinner and then sent him a Postagram with a quick little message telling him what a good time I had when we were together. Postagram allows you to create the memory you want to capture.

It’s also important to note that Postagram offers a guarantee that your card will arrive to the address you requested or your money back. I’m still waiting for a postcard I sent myself to arrive from the Galapagos in 2006 the old fashion way!

Postagram can be found at

Disclaimer:  Postagram credit was added to my Postagram account with an expectation that the user would write an honest and unbiased review of it.

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by Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hensley is a teacher, traveler, and tour guide. She spent the last year on a travel sabbatical, which gave her ample opportunity to take pictures that will now become her postcards to her friends. She enjoys sharing her traveling experiences and resources at

3 Responses to “App Review: Postagram for iOS and Android”

Doctor Popular


Wow, thanks for the great review! We love our Postagram app for most anything, but it does lend itself extra well to travel! Especially perfect if you like to travel light.

Have you set up your own Sincerely URL yet? Mine is I’d love to do a card trade with you!

Francis Tapon


How does it compare to Instagram?



Hi Francis, Postagram will physically mail a postcard from your smartphone. I like it because I don’t have to worry about stamps, mailing, etc. Plus I have all my addresses already in my smarthphone, so I’m really travelin light!

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