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SeeMail, is an iphone app that allows photos sent from your phone to have new additional features. You can include a written message with your photos, a voice mail message or even audio. The free app is downloaded to your phone from the itunes store and you register with a Facebook account so that your contacts are loaded into the program.

Photos will no longer have the recipient asking, “ what is this a photo of?”  You can share events you are attending or a photo moment you want to share with others.  Even include sounds from your ‘environment’ be it a rock concert or bird watching with the very cool  autotag feature.  A great way to change static photos to dynamic and “tell the story behind the photo”.

This app should appeal to the tech savvy, speed texting, iphone users.  Perhaps I am more tech challenged than I realized or working on a screen  barely 2” x 4” was the reason for my very limited experience.  Not finding any instructions on the app itself, I went to YouTube for a tutorial on how to use the program. There were several good explanations on what SeeMail was but not how to use it.
I finally  found a link on their Face Book page that took me to support.   Following each of the SeeMail Seven (Seven Steps to SeeMail) I tried every step without total success.   Some of the illustrations did not match the results I received.   An instructional video is needed.     However, I did create mail with text, a voice message and a Postmark.    Postmarks are another great feature.  You can indicate where you are sending your photo and message from!   A nice combination of several features in one message.

The SeeMail app will interest and possibly delight phone addicted users.   No need to ever speak live again.   You can update friends and family instantly on where you are and what you are doing.  Perhaps faster than email, SeeMail  could be used for companywide updates, changes in schedules, help with directions or even breaking news reporting.   Technology offers endless uses.

SeeMail will be a welcome additions to many iphone users but it did not meet my 15 minute rule.   The 15 minute rule helps me manage the deluge of new technology that I find or hear about daily.   If I cannot understand the program, find a way to use it or successfully use it within the first 15 minutes, I usually go on to the next one.  SeeMail may not suit my needs but is a worthwhile app to try.


Disclaimer:  A copy of this app was downloaded free from iTunes with the expectation that a fair review of it would be written by the user.

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Lee Laurino

by Lee Laurino

Lee Laurino has traveled solo for many years and after a sabbatical in Italy, left a 20+ year career to start travel blogging: and a recent new launch

One Response to “App Review: SeeMail for iOS”

Ward Chandler


Hi Lee – thank you for taking a look at SeeMail and the great comments. It sounds like you reviewed version 1.3 – we just released 1.4 a week ago and one of the features in the new version is the new help menus that drop down to help guide new users through the app.

We really appreciate your feedback. We are working on a tutorial style video as well, and updating the help section in SeeMail to reflect the current version / screens in the app.

Please update the app to 1.4 and I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Ward Chandler
Founder, Postmaster

PS – we’ve also added a Make it Better section in the app that will be released in 1.4.1 so users can quickly send us feedback.

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