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Best Day Trips from Amsterdam (Podcast) - Netherlands

Hear about day trips from Amsterdam as the Amateur Traveler talks to Gopinath from about his adopted country.

Gopinath argues that too many people only spend a couple of the Netherlands before traveling on to see more of Europe. He lays out a week’s worth of day trips that one can make from Amsterdam. He recommends the following places to visit:

Located in Gelderland, the Paleis Het Loo is often associated with Queen Wilhelmina. Explore its impressive architecture, gardens, and the connection between the Dutch royal family and this palace.

Drive from the Palace at Low towards Amsterdam, and you’ll come across Muiderslot Castle, dating back to the 13th century, making it the oldest accessible site for visitors in the Netherlands. It’s conveniently located less than half an hour from Amsterdam. You can reach the castle by car, public transport, or even take a ferry from Amsterdam in the summertime, adding a unique touch to your visit, as the castle sits at the meeting point of the River Vecht and the South Sea.

Nearby, you’ll find the old star fortress city of Naarden, just two miles from Muiderslot Castle. While the city’s layout may not be as impressive in person as it appears from an aerial view, it still offers a charming Dutch town experience with few tourists. Additionally, the small town of Muiden, just a minute from the castle, is worth a visit, featuring monumental and historic buildings, a beautiful marina, and picturesque views of the River Vecht and the South Sea.

Located in Baarn, Castle Groeneveld is a grand estate with beautiful gardens.

Giethoorn, a charming small village in the eastern part of the Netherlands, is approximately an hour and a half from Amsterdam and is often referred to as the “Dutch Venice.” This picturesque place is famous for its canals and bridges. What sets Giethoorn apart is the wide canals, a result of historical peat extraction.  Renting a boat is highly recommended.

Drive back to Amsterdam over one of the closure dykes to get a glimpse at how the Dutch have reclaimed so much of their country from the sea.

Feiluwa National Park park is known for its greenery and is popular with locals. It lacks the typical mountains and valleys found in U.S. national parks, but that just makes it better to explore by bike from its fleet of bikes. The historical hunting lodge in the park features a viewpoint tower and scenic lakeside views. The Kroller Muller Museum in the park houses a significant collection of art, especially from Van Gogh, making it a great alternative to the crowded Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Kinderdijk is a UNESCO heritage site known for its 19 windmills. Take a boat ride and a glimpse into Dutch history and water management.

North of Amsterdam are the Dutch Golden Age cities of Hoorn and Enkhuizen with rich history, including impressive buildings, and the Zuiderzee Museum.

Zaanse Schans is an open-air museum near Amsterdam showcasing the Zaandam region’s industrial and cultural heritage, including windmills and Dutch traditions.

Gopinath also recommends you visit fishing villages like Volendam and Edam, known for their maritime history and cheese production.

These day trips offer a mix of historical landmarks, picturesque landscapes, and royal connections, providing a diverse and enriching experience in the Netherlands. See why Gopinath thinks the Netherlands deserves more of your visit.


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Show Notes
Monarchy of the Netherlands
William of Orange / William III of England
Het Loo Palace
House of Orange-Nassau
Muiden Castle
Soestdijk Palace
Juliana of the Netherlands
Drakensteyn Castle
Beatrix of the Netherlands
Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche
Kidnapping Freddy Heineken
Kasteel Groeneveld
De Hoge Veluwe National Park
Kröller-Müller Museum
Jachthuis Sint-Hubertus
Kinderdijk Tours
Nieuwe Kerk (Delft)
Dutch Golden Age
Michiel de Ruyter
Westfries Museum
Zuiderzee Museum
Zaans Museum


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Best Day Trips from Amsterdam (Podcast) - Netherlands #places #netherlands #holland #amsterdam #history #windmill #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Best Day Trips from Amsterdam (Podcast) - Netherlands #places #netherlands #holland #amsterdam #history #windmill #travel #vacation #trip #holiday

Kinderdijk photo by EOSPhoto
Het Loo Palace photo by Roger Veringmeier

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