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Travel to Guadeloupe (Podcast) - Carnival and more - Amateur Traveler

Hear about Carnival in Guadeloupe and more as the Amateur Traveler talks to Mickela Mallozzi from the PBS show Barefeet with Mickela Mallozzi about her visit to these Caribbean islands.

Mickela says, “We’re going to be talking about the Guadeloupe islands which I have fallen in love with. It is a region of France, just like if you were going to Provence. They speak French. They use the Euro as the currency. I got to celebrate Carnival there, which was such a unique and special experience for me, but there’s so much more to see through the islands, not just during carnival. It’s just such a fascinating place. The Guadeloupe islands is a place if you love music, if you love dance, but you also love food and beautiful beaches. It is this amazing plethora of beauty.  It’s so welcoming.”

“Carnival in the Guadalupe islands usually starts around January. It’s always Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras, but they celebrate pretty much every weekend leading up to Fat Tuesday. So even if you go from January through February or early March, whenever that Carnival season is for that year, you’ll get to experience these amazing, amazing celebrations that happen throughout that time.” Mickela was able to take part in Mas Band processions and Carnival Bands. We talk about the connection of carnival in the Caribbean with emancipation. 

Even when you are not celebrating carnival, the Guadeloupe Islands are a small number of green tropical islands. There are 6 inhabited islands as well as some smaller islands. The two main islands make a butterfly shape. The left half is Basse-Terre (low earth) and the right is Grand-Terre (big earth). The capital of Pointe-à-Pitre is in the middle of the two parts on Grand-Terre.  One notable attraction in Pointe-à-Pitre is the Memorial ACTe museum which is part of UNESCO’s Slave Route Project.

There is a small archipelago of islands called Îles des Saintes (Islands of the Saints). The Bay of Iles des Saintes has been named as part of the UNESCO Most Beautiful Bays In The World Club. There are great views of the bay from the heights of Fort Napoléon.

On Basse-Terre a good portion of the island is a national park with green jungle, hiking, and waterfalls. There are some ecolodges in the national park which might make a unique stay. Mickela also recommends some more traditional beach resorts on the island like La Toubana Hotel & Spa and La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa.

Hear about the music, dance, and food traditions of this Caribbean part of France.

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Show Notes

Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi
Guadeloupe Islands
Music and Dance | Guadeloupe Islands
Guadeloupe Carnival: Mas Maten
Music of Guadeloupe
Memorial ACTe
Guadeloupe National Park
La Grande Soufrière (Volcano)
Basseterre City
La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa
Club Med La Caravelle
La Toubana Hotel & Spa
Pointe des Châteaux
Tendacayou Ecolodge & Spa
Bare Feet in The Caribbean
Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi – PBS


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Wes Snow


Absolutely loved our week on Guadeloupe four years ago. Definitely recommend splitting time between the two main islands rather than a single hub. Basse-Terre is far more pristine and lightly populated. We had a beautiful hilltop vista rented over AirBnB with a stunning view of the ocean/beaches and rainforest, just outside the town of Deshaies, a really quaint town that’s a perfect base.

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