Hurtigruten Cruises on the Coast of Norway – Episode 253

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Jeremy from Palm Beach Gardens Florida who talks to use about cruising up the Norwegian coastline into the Arctic Circle on a Hurtigruten cruise.

Jeremy lives someplace warm so when he and his wife travel they often travel someplace cold so cruising into the small fjords of Norway during the Winter appealed to them. Hurtigruten started as the boat that delivered the mail to the isolated villages on the coast of Norway (which it still does) but added passenger and ferry service.

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Show Notes

Visit Norway
Guardian story Jeremy mentions about travel costs
Arctic Cathedral in Tromso
Arctic Cathedral in Tromso
Lofotr Viking Museum
Nidaros Cathedral
North Cape


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by Chris Christensen

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6 Responses to “Hurtigruten Cruises on the Coast of Norway – Episode 253”

Coastal Cruises


I’ve travelled on the Hurtigruten ships a couple of times and love the experience and the country – it is truly stunning.

Emily Sidley


When my family went to Norway in 1997 we rode the Hurtigruten up to a tiny town in Sortland where my grandfather was from – it was a really fun ride and a great way to get to see less-accessible parts of the country!

Wes Snow


Really appreciated this episode. I’ve been to Bergen once and have always been interested in the Norway coastal cruise experiences. It was great to hear the pros and cons and certainly has been a tremendous help providing the expectations with Hurtigruten

Vebjorn Fiksdal


A Hurtigruten voyage is really something else, as you actually are having a cruise on a working ship.
To read more you can take a look at my homepage.

Oddbjorn Steffensen


In the summer of 2011, the national broadcaster in Norway created a unique experience by filming the entire journey from Bergen to Kirkenes, televised it live in one continous program. The whole thing is available for viewing from:

Jackie Lebon

Says: amazingly breat-taking scenery along this coast..especially enjoyed the Geiranger so so verry pretty .. And what a brilliant view from the street side Bistro of the Geiranger course good, tasty , fairly priced( by norweigian standards) menu they have…

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