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What to Do in Oslo Norway (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Oslo, Norway as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jason from about his adopted hometown.

Jason says, “I think it is one of Europe’s most progressive cities. The population is just a little bit under 700,000 so it’s got that feeling where there’s a lot to do but it’s also got the small town bigger city feel. One of the big highlights is the proximity to nature. You have the Oslo Fjord. You have some beautiful forests and lakes. It seems like nature is really integrated into the city and Norwegians are known for their love of nature and being outside. It’s not just that the proximity is good but culturally that influences the vibe in the city as well. So even though you are in the biggest city in Norway you don’t feel that disconnect with nature. Norwegians always find a way to get out and go skiing, go hiking, go running, go biking in all kinds of weather. I think Oslo is a city with the best collection of museums. There is a very eclectic collection of museums here that makes it stand out from other cities.”

“The people are friendly. I know there is a reputation that they are a little cold and steely, but if you start chatting with people you will see that they are very friendly people. I’ve grown to love this city.”

Oslo is one of the few cities where you can take city public transportation to the sea, to islands, to a ski resort, or to a lake in the woods. Jason encourages us to swim in the sea by the seawall at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art or visit the statues in Frogner Park. You can play disc golf by the ski jump at Holmenkollen or go skiing in the winter at Vinterpark. BBQ with a one time use grill with the locals in a park or take a ferry to the island of Drøbak. 

Jason says Oslo has a great music scene. Yes, the restaurant scene can be a bit more expensive but he steers us to some more affordable options like the food halls at Oslo Street Food and Mathallen.

The eclectic museums he mentions include an outdoor folk museum, a Viking museum, a modern art museum, art from the artist Edvard Munch, a museum dedicated to artic exploration, and one dedicated to Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon Tiki raft that he sailed from South America to Polynesia.

Learn why Jason has fallen in love not just with a Norwegian but with his adopted home of Oslo.

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Show Notes
Frogner Park
Huk & Paradisbukta beach
Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Sognsvann Lake
Ski Destinations in Oslo You Can Take the Train To
Oslo Pass prices
Boat to the islands: Oslo Ferries
How To ‘Grill Party’ in Norway
Holy Cow
Hønse-Lovisas hus: (bets waffle place)
Oslo Street Food – Food Hall
Mathallen Food Hall
Viking Ship Museum
The Kon-Tiki Museum
Munch Museum
The National Gallery
Norsk Folkemuseum
Stave church
Fram Museum
Roald Amundsen
Guide to Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway
Recommended stops on a walk along Akerselva
Walk along the river Akerselva
Life in Norway
Visit Norway


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What to Do in Oslo Norway #norway #oslo #what-to-do-in #museums #skiing #swimming #restaurants (Podcast)

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What to Do in Oslo Norway #norway #oslo #what-to-do-in #museums #skiing #swimming #restaurants (Podcast)

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2 Responses to “Travel to Oslo Norway – Episode 707”

Marilyn Olson


Just enjoyed listening to your Oslo podcast with Jason. I was a little surprised about a few things he left out that as a history lover especially I think you would appreciate. The Akershus is a castle fortress with a long history walking distance from downtown. (The Norway Pavilion at EPCOT Orlando is a replica of it.) The WWII Norwegian Resistance museum is there. There are several places related to the Nobel Peace Prize worth visiting including the Nobel Peace Museum, City Hall and the Grand Hotel. And for fun the Oslo Opera House is a wonderful and popular place to crawl all over and the view from the roof is fantastic.

Chris Christensen


Oh, that does sound interesting.

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