Cruising to Cuba – Episode 509

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Hear about what to see, do and drink on a trip to Cuba via cruise ship


Hear about cruising to Cuba as the Amateur Traveler talks again to Dave Grenewetzki about his trip on a ship based People to People trip to Cuba.

Cuba has been in the news and a lot of things are changing with U.S. relations to the country, but there are still restrictions on how Americans can travel to the island. This makes options more limited and many of the options available are more expensive. Dave talks about a trip that he took that was an affordable trip around the island on a cruise ship stopping in the old Spanish capital of Santiago, in the current capital of Havana and in the more industrial city of Cienfuegos.

Dave’s trip was guided by Cuba instructors and included the opportunity to meet with both the American representative on the island and with a retired member of the Castro government. They visited San Juan Hill where Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders made their charge and the barracks that were the site of the first unsuccessful revolt led by Castro.

Cuba is more than just history and politics. Dave tells us of an island filled with colorful art, ubiquitous music, and numerous bars with mojitos and “Hemingway drank here” signs. We talk about the old cars and the older buildings in various states of repair. He shares his favorite museums and plazas. His trip included a beach / dive day as well.

Throughout the conversation we talk about issues you need to know about money (2 currencies), ATMs (don’t count on it), cell coverage (not yet), medical insurance (need it) and travel insurance (required).

Cuba is a country in the midst of change. Cuba is learning capitalism but still has a lot to learn in Dave’s experience. But whether it is artists, musicians, or baseball players, the Cuban people are the country’s greatest asset.

Come learn about this beautiful island before it looks like every other island in the Caribbean.

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Hear about what to see, do and drink on a trip to Cuba via cruise ship

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2 Responses to “Cruising to Cuba – Episode 509”

Liz Fisher


It must have been an interesting trip, and I’m glad you’ve had an experience of real Cuban life. Glad you’ve found people happy and friendly. Sounds there is a long way to go…



Cuba is still one of my all time favorite destinations. Glad you go to go. There is just something so special about Havana, in spite of its decaying buildings and infrastructure you can feel the nostalgia for better days gone by everywhere.

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