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Cyprus Itinerary: Larnaca, Nicosia, Todos Mountains, and Paphos (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Cyprus as the Amateur Traveler talks to Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll of about their active Cyprus itinerary.

Dan and Audrey say, “It [Cyprus] actually does have some really great hiking not only in terms of coastal routes, where you have these beautiful, dramatic cliffs and crystal clear Mediterranean Sea beyond. But Cypress also has the Troodos mountains, which I think the summit is 2000 meters, so a little over 6000 feet. When we were there, at New Year’s, end of December, the beginning of January, there was actually snow in the mountains. So in the course of one week, we were hiking and t-shirts along the coast and sunshine. And then we were hiking in the snow in the mountains. We also found a canyon, and were climbing over rocks and boulders.”

“In addition to all the hiking, there’s also an incredible history in Cyprus, going back about eight to 10,000 years, so many layers of civilizations from the Greeks to the Egyptians. And so there are some very interesting archaeological sites, some geological sites also.”

Much of the tourism in Cyprus is because of its beautiful beaches but this episode focuses more on the hiking, culture and history of Cyprus. Audrey and Daniel flew into Larnaca. After exploring that city they headed to the southeast corner of the island at Cape Greco. Cape Greco is a national park known for its rocky coast, azure waters and sea caves. 

They then headed to the divided capital of Nicosia where they spent time on both the Greek and Turkish sides. They explored the markets, a great archaeology museum, and a caravanserai. They also took the time for Daniel to go to a local barber and get a haircut… and a bit more than he bargained for.

They drove to the snow covered Troodos Mountains where they hiked around Mount Olympus. 

Their final stop was Paphos which is a party town in the summer, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a recent European Capital of Culture. It has popular ruins and touristy souvenir shops. They recommend the beautiful Aphrodite Trail which follows the cliffs on the rocky shore and the Avakas Gorge hike. 

Cyprus can be a great beach vacation but it can also be so much more. It has a rich culture and deep history as well as spectacular scenery. It also does have some pretty nice beaches.

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Show Notes

Uncornered Market
Annals of the Former World: McPhee, John
Ayia Napa
Cape Greco
Cyprus Museum
History of Cyprus (1878–present)
North Nicosia
Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory
Troodos Mountains
Atalante Trail
Aphrodite Trail-Akamas Peninsula
Baths of Aphrodite
Tombs of the Kings (Paphos)
Avakas Gorge
Hiking in Cyprus: Our Favorite Hiking Trails and Travel Itinerary


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Randy wrote:

“During this episode there was mention of bat guano harvesting. At one time there was also a brief effort to harvest bat guano in a cave in western Grand Canyon. Like most mining operations in Grand Canyon the logistics and cost of retrieving such “precious gems” turned out to not be profitable. The cost of accessing it and transporting it out of such a remote difficult location was too much to be worth the effort.”

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Cyprus Itinerary: Larnaca, Nicosia, Todos Mountains, and Paphos (Podcast) | An active Cyprus itinerary with hiking, beaches, cultural stops and more in Larnaca, Nicosia, Todos Mountains, and Paphos | Things do to in Cyprus #travel #trip #vacation #beach #ruins #cyprus #island #itinerary #podcast Cyprus Itinerary: Larnaca, Nicosia, Todos Mountains, and Paphos (Podcast) | An active Cyprus itinerary with hiking, beaches, cultural stops and more in Larnaca, Nicosia, Todos Mountains, and Paphos | Things do to in Cyprus #travel #trip #vacation #beach #ruins #cyprus #island #itinerary #podcast

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2 Responses to “Travel to Cyprus – Episode 798”

Andreas Moser


Great episode!

Just one point about the abandoned/decrepit buildings: It has less to do with economics, but with an ambiguous legal situation. In 1974, when the island was partitioned, most Greeks left the north of the island (which became Turkish), but the European Court of Human Rights ruled repeatedly that they still maintain property and ownership rights to the houses they left behind, even if North Cypriot law said otherwise.

Tragically, these property disputes were/are among the biggest roadblocks to a peace settlement.

Chris Christensen


Thanks Andreas, good to know.

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