Hiking the Camino de Ronda in Northern Spain – Episode 568

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Hiking the Camino de Ronda in Northern Spain (Podcast)

Hear about hiking the Camino de Ronda in Northern Spain as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sherry Ott about her trek along the coastline of the Costa Brava region.

Ever since Sherry did a day hike on this trail along the beautiful Costa Brava she has wanted to hike the whole trail called (mostly) the Camino de Ronda. This year she was able to return to the area where she hiked it with her 80-year-old father.

Sherry had previously hiked longer hikes on the Camino Santiago, also in Spain, and the Lycian Way in Turkey. The Coastal Path is a 135-mile hike from Blanes to the border with France.

She and her dad started in the beach town of Lloret de Mar and skipped a few spots along the trail where the trail is not in great shape or just skipped some less interesting parts of the trail to save time. Unlike the better-known Camino Santiago, this is not a long flat trail but a hike up and down a series of coastal inlets. Sometimes the trail heads inland and sometimes the trail is the beach itself.

Along the way, you will find hidden coves, sleepy fishing villages, sardine factories, a fishing museum, the home of the artist Dali, nude beaches, lighthouses, and a great variety of gin and tonics.

Lace up your best hiking boots and join us on a beautiful part of Spain’s coastline.

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Show Notes

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I believe the guest speaker didn’t accurately describe some components of Scottish history. The ‘Clearances’ were a brutal time during Scottish history. It had less to do with the break-up of the Clans after Culloden and more to do with changing economics. The landowners – the ‘Lairds’ – some of whom were English -but not all – leveraged the increasing wool prices of the 1800s to shift their land from farming to sheep production. They moved the crofters (farmers) off the land (the vast majority of whom had lived on and farmed the land for centuries). The crofters were forced away with no where to go and virtually nothing but the clothes on their backs.


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Hiking the Camino de Ronda in Northern Spain (Podcast)

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4 Responses to “Hiking the Camino de Ronda in Northern Spain – Episode 568”

Izy Berry


If I go on a hike, I would probably have someone carry my luggage too! lol

Izy Berry


If I go on a hike, I’d probably have someone carry my luggage too. Lol!

aiman Parween


hiking experience is always awesome

James Horner


Trip to Ronda is wonderful! While hiking the Camino de Ronda you will find various signs for the trail. There were numerous town and picturesque mountain which are pleasing and incredibly beautiful. Ronda is really best for hiking as gives huge selection of fantastic areas to explore, but you should be aware of few things before you bag pack such as:
Pack very light weight or just keep necessary things
Carry good pair of shoes
Don’t be harsh with your body
Don’t forget to carry guide book or even download the app.

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