Travel to Puerto Rico – Episode 110

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El Morro - San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Amateur Traveler talks to Casey about a recent trip to Puerto Rico.

Here about Caribbean National Forest (El Yunque), Beaches, San Juan, Old San Juan, Arecibo, getting around and why this island is very close to the U.S. but still has its own identity. Also here Chris’ recommendation for a side trip to Vieques and its Bioluminescent Bay.


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Show Notes

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Puerto Rico on the map
Puerto Rico
Caribbean National Forest (El Yunque)
Plaza Las Americas
Que Pasa Magazine
Arecibo Observatory (official page)
Arecibo Observatory
Vieques, Puerto Rico
Northern Puerto Rico Travel Guide (pdf)
Vieques, Bioluminescent Bay

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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Hi i love your show! I jus wanted say some things about Puerto Rico! For some reason we dont consider our self americans we see ourself as Puertoricans and the island our contry!!! I think for that reason the US flag was not too celebrated! (some how like Texas pride) Some of the best food is found not in big restaurants but in smaller ones some good places are around Piñones,Loíza and in Guavate, Cayey were you can fing the Ruta del lechon (Route of the spit roast pig) lots of houses that have their pigs on the spit and more! so good! The beaches aroung San Juan arent that good but Luquillo is really really nice! Warm, clear water not too salty and really clean! down sout the beaches are better one of my favorite is in Cabo Rojo, called Boqueron and they have villas that you can rent and stay for a weekend! The observatory of Arecibo is not that awesome i think it looks better in pictures that in person but near by in Camuy are some awesome caves that are much better, Gary from everything-everywhere was there once! Ponce has a very old fire station that is nice to see! Culebra and Vieques are a must. i think you can either fly or take a farry to both! I think the best beach in the entire area is in Culebra, Playa Flamenco really nice! You will really need spanish after San Juan, English iss not that known, i learn it when i move to Cleveland Ohio, back in PR i never used it even if it is taught in school! Puerto Rico is really nice to visit and an escape from main land USA as it is a total different culture and history and you dont need passport !!! I love you show Chris they are awesome and full of good info! Let me know if ever need more info about Puerto Rico!!!

Chris Christensen


Puerto Rico is one of those destinations that I would like to do a second episode on. Are you volunteering? 😉



It will be my pleasure! I cant wait! Just let me know when and send me questions!!! I wiil get ready! Also I have pictures if you need!

Chris Christensen


Email me and let’s chat chris2x [at]

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