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Puerto Rico Travel Tips - What to See, Eat and Do (Podcast)

Hear about Puerto Rico travel tips as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jessica from The Dining Traveler about her home island of Puerto Rico.

Jessica says, “One of the things that I love about Puerto Rico, and I think that’s something that even Puerto Ricans have in our DNA, is it is so mixed. There’s so much versatility. For the size, it’s 110 miles long and 35 miles wide, and in that, you have all these microclimates. You have the rainforest and a dry forest in Guánica, You have this range of mountains that goes east to west that are just emerald green. It’s just such a mix. The west coast is surfers. The east coast is white sand beaches and nice fancy resorts. So there’s just a little bit for everybody.”

“That reflects also on the people of Puerto Rico There’s just all these little subcultures that exist on such a tiny island. It makes it so fascinating and beyond the beaches, because people think initially, Oh, I’m gonna go to Puerto Rico so I can go to the beach and have a beach holiday. But beyond the beaches, you have these mountains, and you have rivers and waterfalls and lakes. For somebody who loves nature and the outdoors, Puerto Rico is such an amazing destination.”

Jessica starts us in San Juan, which is the second oldest city in the Americas. We talk about visiting the impressive El Morro fortress, why you should try a mallorca for breakfast, where you can meet the locals and find great things to eat. 

Once we start talking about beaches, we head first to the north coast to spots like Playa Mar Chiquita. Surfers should head to Rincon or the rugged Atlantic coast in the northwest. If you like to lie on the beach, head to the east or make a side trip to the nearby islands of Vieques or Culebra. Vieques has one of Puerto Rico’s two bioluminescent bays.

Take a hike in El Yunque National Forest. Climb to the top of Mount English for one of Jessica’s favorite vistas. Continue along the south coast on scenic Route 3 to Ponce. Visit the main plaza with its colorful old fire station or the museum of art. 

As a food writer, Jessica recommends the simple goodness of the Ruta del Lechón (Route of the roasted pig) along Route 184. 

Cabo Rojo has become another favorite destination if Jessica and her family. Nearby you will find the dry Guánica State Forest and the salt flats of Las Salinas.

If you like the beaches, you should come to Puerto Rico.

If you like food, you should come to Puerto Rico.

If you like nature, you should come to Puerto Rico. 

If you like history, you should come to Puerto Rico. 

Come for the beauty, the food, the history, but you will come back a second time because of the warmth and welcome of the Puerto Ricans.


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Puerto Rico Travel Tips - What to See, Eat and Do (Podcast) #puerto-rico #puertorico #san-juan #beaches #food #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Puerto Rico Travel Tips - What to See, Eat and Do (Podcast) #puerto-rico #puertorico #san-juan #beaches #food #travel #vacation #trip #holiday

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