Travel to Burgundy and the French Countryside – Episode 114

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Jeff Steiner of the Americans in France website about life in the French Countryside and about a visit to Burgundy in particular. Learn about the culture, food, farming, wines, and history of this beautiful region.

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Show Notes

Americans in France
Attractions in Southern Burgundy
Flavigny-sur-Ozerain (Where Chocolat was filmed)
Flavigny Abbey
Jeff’s in-laws B&B
Villages of Burgundy (with maps)
Wineries of Burgundy (including Domaine de l’ Echelette)
Last Flight of a WWII B-26
Bouef Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy)
Colza Fields


Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg
G Adventures – Explorer News
Boeing 777-200LR sets world distance record

Internet Resources

Traveling overnight in a Sleeper or couchette . . .
Europe’s Budget Airlines: Flying High on Low Fares


Book Giveaway from Andrew Darlow
Jeff Butler from the Bold Cheese podcast critiques the use of chapter markers in the iTunes enhanced version
Amy loves the theme song

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by Chris Christensen

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3 Responses to “Travel to Burgundy and the French Countryside – Episode 114”

Pam Elson


I’ver just been enjoying Jeff’s interview. Your readers might also like to look at, an information site about the region telling you more about what’s on, where to go, where to stay…



Thanks Pam, we will check it out.



That is a good interview with Jeff Steiner. There is another huge website on Burgundy and relating to tourism

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