Volunteer Travel / Voluntourism – Episode 125

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Linda Stuart who is the Executive Director of the non-profit Global Citizens Network about Volunteer Travel or “Voluntourism”.

Linda talks about volunteers from 7 to 93: where they are going, why they are working on their vacation, what they are doing and who they are befriending in the process.


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Airbus 380 Goes Green

Show Notes

Global Citizens Network (GCN)
Where GCN Goes
International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA)

Internet Resources


Elizabeth world traveler and Walt Disney World expert, want to hear about WDW?
Barbara is also a fan of the A Year in Europe podcast

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

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That’s amazing; I’m writing a story on this right now. I couldn’t believe when my google alert came through. Prescient, Chris 🙂



This may not be a “chorus”, but I’d also love to hear from Scott and Sheryl at ‘AYIE” – For most of a year, I would eagerly look forward to hearing the next episode. It would be nice to know what they are up to….but I could always just email them too//




Skip, I have sent an invitation to Scott and Cheryl to come on as guests on the next live show so others could ask them questions directly.

Debbie Bohanan


I would love to hear Elizabeth on your show. She sounds like a very interesting person and has had many wonderful adventures. Being a VIP tour guide for Disney, she would have great insight that would be helpful for planning a trip to visit Mickey Mouse. I hope you can reach her and get her on the show.

Keep up the good work.




Always been a fan of Disney and would love to hear from a 9 year VIP tour guide. 🙂



Hi Chris, I’m from Indiana and I’m planning a WDW trip with my family this summer. I’d enjoy any information that Elizabeth has to share.

Lindsey C.

Len Sommers


Considering the size and scope of WDW.
Having someone like Elizabeth on your show, who is on the “inside”.
Would be most helpful in planning a vacation.



I have already written Elizabeth and let her know I got in trouble with you all for not being bright enough to invite her already. We are just working out the details for when she would be on the show. I will update the member questions area in the discussion board with details as I know them. That is also a place you can tell me your questions for her.




Thanks for this episode! Just wanted to let you know that we included it in a blog entry on our home page recently:


We have an episode of the Idealist Community Podcast with some similar themes (www.idealist.org/podcasts) and if you have a few minutes to take a listen, I’d love to hear what you think!



Thanks Julia, I will give it a listen

Aaron M.


Hi Chris,
I just listened to this podcast and I thought that this is a great idea for people who want to travel and truly experience a culture.
Last summer (Summer 09) I went to Ecuador with a group of students and professors from my college through the NGO Engineers Without Borders. We worked in a small indigenous Andean village in the Rio Bamba area helping the villagers build a water system to bring clean water to each home.
This was a great experience for everybody and, you probably hear this a lot, it really helps me appreciate the things we have here. I remember our group leader, an engineering professor, saying that “You can’t pay for an experience like this.” speaking about how we worked so closely with the villagers and shared an experience with them and each other. I think that’s something everyone can benefit from.
Since then I’ve been been itching to go out and do it again.

You have a great podcast keep up the good work!



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