Volunteer Travel with Peace Corp Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet – Episode 458

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Hear about volunteer travel with the Peace Corps as the Amateur Traveler talks to Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. Director Hessler-Radelet not only served in the Peace Corps herself in Western Samoa but 4 generations of her family have done so.

Learn why your picture of what a Peace Corps volunteer looks like may not be accurate. The oldest volunteer to date was 86 when she finished her assignment. Director Hessler-Radelet says “it is really important to us that we represent the rich diversity of our country so we are focusing very heavily right now on recruiting all Americans.” One of the more interesting groups that they are working with is recent immigrants.

Learn what the Peace Corps is doing to make it easier for volunteers to sign up and to choose a specific assignment. You don’t need any money, just a willingness to help.

I invited the Director to come on the Amateur Traveler after hearing some of her stories at the White House Travel Blogger’s Summit. Hear why the Peace Corps is good for developing nations, good for the USA and might be personally good for you.

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Show Notes

Peace Corps
The White House Wants You To Study Abroad (WHite House Travel Bloggers Summit)


on Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas – Episode 450 Spencer commented “The guests on this episode were great! They were funny and charming. Made me want to move to Little Rock!”

Rollie in Sioux Falls, SD writes:

Hello Chris,

I just wanted to say I just found your show and I have downloaded 60 episodes that I may enjoy. ( I only have an 8 gb iphone). However, since listening to about 30, I started keeping track of the episodes in a spreadsheet as pound away on my accounting duties at work. It really breaks up the monotony and makes me dream about travel. Keep up the good work!

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