Greetings in 54 Places – From Aloha to Yassas

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Saying hello in a new country can be more complicated than just learning the word for hello. While it is very rude to stick out your tongue when greeting someone in most regions, in TIbet it shows that you have no evil thoughts. You have probably heard that the Inuit people rub noses, but do you know where you could be expected to salute? Consult the guide below to learn how to greet someone in 54 different countries or regions.

International Master Hello

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by Chris Christensen

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Actually the Sri Lankan greeting Ayubowan is not a hello. Ayubowan is actually Ayu – bo – wan. Ayu is short for Ayusha, which means how long you will live. bo is short for boho which means a lot/many etc. Wan is for wewa which is like wishing something for you.
So in Sinhalese Ayubowan means wishing you a long life.

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