Hiking the King’s Trail (Kungsleden) in Swedish Lapland – Episode 456

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Hear about hiking the Kings Trail (Kungsleden) in Swedish Lapland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Agata from nullnfull.com about this northern and rugged portion of Sweden. Agata says, “Lapland is all about nature and wilderness”.

Lapland is the “last real wilderness in Europe. You go to lapland to enjoy nature, wilderness, silence, space. It is easy to reach. You can fly there from most European cities then ride a train and bus and in less then 24 hours you’re there and trek.” Agata has flown there from both Poland and Italy and it was very organized, the bus waits for the train, and it works “like a Swiss watch”.

Agata is recommending we trek one of 5 segments of the 400 km (240 mile) “King’s Trail” in about a week. If you can carry a 10kg backpack you can make the trip. With a series of mountain huts for shelter and resupply you can travel with less gear. The huts have no electricity and no running water but there is always a guard. The rooms are dry and warm, with wood for a fire. Every 2-3 huts you can purchase food.

Agata recommends we start in the small town of Nikkaluokta to the town of Abisko. The trail passes the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise, and many people take a one day detour from the trail to climb the peak. The trail goes through tundra with no trees in sight and with snow on the mountains. Agata recommends the trek in August which is really Fall in the area. “Summer is Fall, fall is winter and winter is long”. As we walk we will see reindeer. “I remember one situation when I was having breakfast, I turned around and there was a huge reindeer watching me… face to face.”

The trail crosses the UNESCO World Heritage site Laponia. This area has been occupied continuously by the Saami people since prehistoric times.

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Hello Chris.

I’m not selling or pitching anything. I just wanted to say thank you for Amateur Traveler. I’ve listened to dozens of episodes including some I’ve heard more than once. I started listening to the podcasts to gather information, I’ve kept listening because they are so entertaining.

My wife, 9 year-old son & I are starting a 9 month round the world trip in July 2015. Europe (Slovakia, Austria, Venice, Greece, Turkey) – East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda) – South Asia (India, Nepal) – Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, S. Vietnam) – South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru). We’ll be taking our podcasts with us on long bus rides and flights.

Your podcasts are incredible! Thank you!

– Jason

I was sure I could top 20 DK Eyewitness Guides, but I guess I’m doing too good a job of throwing things out or giving them away. We do have a lot of guide books, and an incredible number of language books (for people who speak maybe one and a half languages) but not as many DK’s as I thought. Why two Italy? Don’t know. My wife and I had the same idea, I guess.

– Jim

Hiking the King's Trail (Kungsleden) in Swedish Lapland - Amateur Traveler Episode 456 (podcast)

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Alexander Idelmann


A great guide! I have taken the Kungsleden a few times while writing on my book on Lapland. If you are interested, it is located on Kickstarter at http://kck.st/2bB6lMu

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