Travel to Hiroshima and the Chugoku Region of Japan – Episode 224

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Mike from Toronto who is living in Japan as part of an exchange program.

Mike talks to use about the Chugoku or middle region of Japan.

Mike starts us out in Hiroshima with its world-famous peace park and atomic bomb museum and its lesser-known shopping and izakaya eateries.

After we sample the okonomiyaki at okonomiyaki mura Mike sends us off to see the red Torii gate on Miyajima island.

Mike recommends getting the Japan Rail Pass because of the expensive local transportation. Mike then directs us to Yamaguchi which is known for its onsens (hot baths), 5 story temple, and the church of Francis Xavier.

Hagi which is a preserved walled town is our next stop. Hagi is Mike’s favorite spot in Japan. Hagi is also where many of the modernization movement came from.

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Show Notes

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Hiroshima Peace Site Museum
Francis Xavier (Apostle to the Far East)
Yamaguchi Xavier Memorial Church
Daimyo – Japan territorial lord
“Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians!”
Meiji period – 23 October 1868 to 30 July 1912 – Japan Modernizes
Ito Hirobumi


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2 Responses to “Travel to Hiroshima and the Chugoku Region of Japan – Episode 224”



Great show. Was in Hiroshima 2 years ago. Some bits to add:

– Hiroshima Castle is reconstructed. The exhibits inside are not bad but a concrete castle interior isn’t very nice
– There aren’t many real castles left in Japan – most were dismantled during feudalism’s death throes. There’s a great one (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!) at Himeji near Kyoto. But unlike Hagi there’s no castle town around it
– Miyajima has some nice shrines at the top of Mt Misen (the sacred mountain). Some are connected with the monk who brought Buddhism to Japan (IIRC). I also ran into some Monkeys there too.
– Your guest didn’t mention that rail passes can only be bought outside Japan. Very important to know!

Sweet T


This was unfortunately one of the areas we did not get to visit while we were in Japan! I can’t imagine how amazing it’d be to see all this!

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