Travel to Montpellier and the Languedoc Region of France – Episode 244

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Christine Cantera about her time living in the Languedoc region of France in the city Montpellier.

Montpellier is sometimes called the San Francisco of France. Christine shares with us a few thoughts about cafes, bars, which museums are worth it (and which aren’t), beaches, fortified cities, when to visit, and the one day of the year when nobody in France gets any work done.

She discusses what are her favorite 3 places to see in Languedoc including one seaside town that still has jousts but with a very nautical twist.

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Show Notes

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Jardin des plantes de Montpellier
Le Petit Train Touristique du Centre Historique
Languedoc wine
Le Jardin du Champs de Mars
La Dolce Vita
Parc naturel régional de Camargue
Musee Fabre
Antigone District
Beaujolais nouveau
Bar le Saint-Roch
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Weegee (Arthur Fellig) – “first paparazzi”


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by Chris Christensen

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I’m studying French right now, and your guest’s pronounciation of “centre-ville” was correct (though the “en” could’ve been more nasal). “lle” in French is indeed silent, but “ville” is an exception.

I was in Nîmes 4 years ago. I didn’t find the Roman ruins too impressive except for the arena (when I was there they had a concert so I couldn’t go in) and the Maison Carrée (a temple, where the air-conditioning had broken down), but then I had just come from Italy, so that explains it!

Your guest didn’t mention the Pont du Gard (Roman aqueduct) which is not too far away. That is truly spectacular.

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